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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Screen Printing

Every industry has a few myths that overshadow the truth, and screen printing is no different. Someone heard from a friend of a friend, who read on Facebook, that custom clothing costs a lot of money, so it must be true of all screen printing orders forever, everywhere.

Right? Wrong! This is just one example of the many myths that can confuse people and prevent them from designing their own t-shirt designs.

As the premier company offering screen printing in Toronto, R&P Prints works hard to dispel these misconceptions. We work with businesses, organizations, and people from all across Canada to show how silk screen printing really works.

We think our screen printing speaks for itself, although many satisfied customers have shared their thoughts online to give us a 4.5-star rating on Google Reviews. We’ve earned top marks because we flawlessly transfer your designs onto any article of clothing you need. We offer an extensive selection of clothing and brands to help you boost sales, promote events, or celebrate your brand.

We also love updating this blog to share insider information about the industry. Today, we’re using it to deliver the truth behind the most common myths about screen printing.

Myth #1: Screen Printing is Expensive

Perhaps the biggest myth surrounding the screen printing industry is that it’s too expensive. Many screen printing companies earn this reputation because they often deal in massive bulk orders, printing thousands of shirts for an individual project.

Enormous bulk orders tend to share the best cost-savings per article of clothing, but the total price tag of a large job may scare you off if you only need 100 shirts for your volunteer team.

Luckily, any legitimate silk screen printing company will scale costs to each job, setting appropriate limits for your project’s needs. We further offset the price by providing a free estimate, no set-up fees, and free delivery on every order, regardless of size.

Myth #2: Screen Printing is Just for T-Shirts

Don’t need a t-shirt? No problem. Most screen printing companies use sophisticated equipment that can transfer your designs onto nearly any material.

Here at R&P Prints, we work with the following custom clothing:

  • Activewear
  • Bags and accessories
  • Fleece
  • Headwear
  • Masks
  • Pants and shorts
  • Polos
  • Safety wear
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants
  • Workwear

Where did this rumour come from? We might be guilty of perpetuating this myth, but you’ll have to excuse us. Not only do custom t-shirt printing jobs represent the bulk of the work we produce, but the t-shirt is also a universal fashion statement worn around the globe.

Everyone — from all walks of life, styles, and ages — wears a t-shirt. We talk about custom t-shirt printing more often than our other projects as a result, but you can print your designs onto almost any fabric.

Other popular projects include creating custom hoodies in Toronto. The hoodie isn’t exclusive to your workout outfit anymore. In Toronto, it’s a staple of the city’s street fashion, and we’re happy to produce the best custom hoodies Toronto has to offer.

Myth #3: You Can’t Design Your Own Shirt

Another misconception about our industry is that you can’t design your own clothes, so you’re stuck choosing designs from a silk screen printing company’s existing catalogue instead.

When you’re looking for custom clothing, you don’t want to pick from recycled artwork that someone else has already worn. Thankfully, we can happily debunk this particular myth.

Here at R&P Prints, we encourage you to design your own clothes to maximize your freedom of expression. You know what you want better than anyone else, so we want to make it as easy as possible to share your ideas.

But don’t worry if your design doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would. We have an in-house graphic designer who works under your direction to improve your ideas and tweak your designs. For a nominal fee, our designer can give your artwork a professional polish so that it’s ready for the printers.

Credit: Vectorium via FreePik

Myth #4: Screen Printing Takes Too Long for Important Events

The best screen printing companies take care to produce flawless printing on every article of clothing in your order, but don’t mistake our attention to detail as a barrier to urgent projects. As an experienced silk screen printing company, our team can turn around beautiful custom clothing on a tight timeline without sacrificing quality.

Whether you have a golf tournament or company-wide volunteer day coming up, we can print custom clothing in time.

Deadlines haven’t stood in our way when we created custom clothing for these other timely events:

  • Children’s Camp Days
  • Class Reunions
  • Community Fundraisers
  • Company Outing
  • Concerts
  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals
  • Holiday Retail Season
  • Races, Marathons, and Other Sporting Events

Get in touch with us directly to see if we have the available stock to get started right away for last-minute orders.

Myth #5: Your Design Will Flake Off

A fear that your custom clothing won’t look good after a few washes is understandable. You want long-lasting results after investing time in designing your own clothes.

Luckily, this fear only becomes a reality if a silk screen printing company doesn’t follow the correct procedure.

When done properly, an experienced silk screen printing company produces custom clothing that won’t peel or flake off with time. Here at R&P Prints, we use state-of-the-art equipment, inks, and techniques to ensure your custom clothing lasts.

Don’t Let These Myths Stop You from Designing Your Own Custom Clothing

Did this list clear up any misconceptions you might have had about screen printing? If you’ve shied away from ordering bulk custom clothing due to cost or timing in the past, now you know the truth. The best screen printing companies can produce affordable, beautiful work on a tight timeline.

If you still have questions about how we can elevate your t-shirts designs, you can find out more about t-shirt printing online here on our website or call us directly to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

Get in touch today to get the ball rolling on your custom clothing!

Plugin into Your YouTube Audience with Custom T-Shirt Prints

If you’re an up and coming YouTuber with a decent amount of subscribers, you might be wondering what the next step is to grow your channel, promote your brand, and make more money. A number of people have been able to make a career off of solely being a YouTube celebrity, and the most popular ones can pull in millions of dollars a year.

Making money as a YouTuber isn’t strictly accomplished by monetizing your videos and getting your viewers to watch ads – they can also get sponsorships or sell merchandise to their fans. In fact, Sellfy (an app that can calculate a YouTuber’s earnings) found that content creators who sell merch can make up to 10 times more than YouTubers who opt exclusively to making money on ad earnings.Plugin into Your YouTube Audience with Custom T-Shirt Prints

It’s Easier than You Think

It may feel overwhelming to even consider starting up your own merch line, especially if you don’t feel comfortable with designing your own tshirts and other apparel – what if people don’t like them? But with R&P Prints you don’t have to worry about that. Our in-house designers can help you come up with a design that is perfect for your audience. We offer custom tshirt printing using state-of-the-art manual and automatic screen printing equipment, all on quality clothing from popular and top-of-the-line brands.

R&P Prints Has Everything You Need

Check out our online catalogue to see a full listing of the brands we carry with recognized names such as Gildan, Hanes, American Apparel, Fruit of the Loom, Bella, Alo, and Nike Golf. We also have a number of different styles and types of products to choose from, including activewear, bags and accessories, fleece, headwear, outerwear, pants and shorts, tshirts, safety wear, workwear, and youth wear.

We specialize in silk screen printing which is a popular method of printing because it is incredibly versatile and able to print on a number of materials and products, like custom polo shirt printing and jersey printing. Screen printing is also very durable, able to handle multiple washes without fading and cracking.

So no matter what kind of products you are looking to sell to your YouTube fans – whether you’re looking to sell hats, hoodies, tshirts, or even tote bags – R&P Prints has you covered.

Where to Begin?

YouTube Creator’s Academy outlines some core principles about selling merchandise on your YouTube channel. First, they say, it’s important to even know whether or not you’re ready to sell merch.

  • Does your channel have an existing brand, and is that brand strong enough that it has a decent amount of search activity?
  • How engaged is your audience? What matters most isn’t how many subscribers you have, but rather how active they are on your channel. Moreover, do you have a strong relationship with them and have they even been asking for merchandise?

If you have a strong community that follows your channel closely, then consider asking them what kind of merch they’d be interested in. The point of the merchandise you sell is to make your audience feel a part of a community, so make sure that the merch you offer is relevant to them.

  • Do you have any inside jokes, memes, and/or catchphrases that only people in your community would get?
  • Do you have existing branding on your channel – a mascot, logo, etc.?
  • Do you have any special milestones coming up? For example, you can release merch that celebrates a subscriber milestone (just like PewDiePie’s 90 mill sub merch).

Start Slow

Even though you may have an idea of what your audience wants, it’s a good idea to start slow and see how successful your first product is. The safest bet is to choose tshirts with a custom design as your first set of merch to sell. When making an order it’s better to get custom t shirts in bulk which is actually more affordable for you and makes it easier for your audience to buy merch right away instead of having to wait for on-demand orders.

When introducing your product be sure to wear it during your videos that way your audience can get an opportunity to see first-hand how the product looks. Seeing you wear it is also a great way to create hype and presents an opportunity for you to plug in your merch into a segment of your video.

Make sure to direct your audience to where they can buy your merch by including it in the video description or on end screens and cards. As your product sells, be sure to give a shout-out to your followers and thank them for buying your product – it’ll help them to feel connected to you and make them feel good about getting recognition from one of their favourite YouTubers!

We Can Help

You can take a test run of how your custom tshirt would look like by using our online tshirt design application. Choose your style – tshirt or hoodie – select the colour and size, and then add a photo or font. It’s easy to do and a great way to play around with your options.

You can also give us a call any time for a free estimate and consultation where we will take the time to hear what your needs, goals, and budget is. We work with you and your schedule to ensure that you get your product on time and that you are completely satisfied in your experience with us.

We’re here to help you achieve your dreams and to promote your business – even if it’s a YouTube channel! Our designers, customer support experts, and printers, are all looking to create quality products for our customers; we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service that will leave you satisfied with our work.

We’ve established a long list of long-time loyal customers who continually use our services for all of their silk screen printing needs. When partnering with us, you won’t be disappointed by what we have to offer, and are guaranteed to be happy with the quality of the product that you ordered.

So if you’re a YouTuber looking to expand your fanbase, grow your channel, and create a new revenue stream, then don’t hesitate and contact R&P Prints today so that we can get you set up with a new set of merch that will completely blow your fans away.

Flex Your Nerd Cred with Custom Silk Screen Printing

There are so many great TV shows, movies, video games, comics, book series, and more, to love and enjoy nowadays, that it’s not hard to find a fandom where you can call home. A fandom, if you don’t already know, is a group of people who have a tight community based on their love of a common interest. They are usually active in the community of their interest and know everything there is to know about their favourite show, movie, video game, etc.

Flex Your Nerd Cred with Custom Silk Screen Printing

There are fandoms for popular shows and movies like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, and plenty more, where it wouldn’t be hard to find others who share the same interests as you. It also wouldn’t be hard to find some merchandise that lets you show off your fandom. You know, like Harry Potter scarves or Game of Thrones t shirts and mugs.

But if the TV or book series, or even video game that you’re into doesn’t have a big fandom then it can be hard to find swag to show off your nerd cred. Limiting yourself to what’s on Redbubble can be a pain, especially if the quality of the merchandise there is disappointing and not at all what you’re expecting.

R&P Prints Can Hook You Up With Personalized Swag

We offer custom t shirt silk screen printing on quality, brand-name products, using state of the art automatic and manual equipment. Don’t limit yourself to the small or non-exist amount of merchandise out there and instead contact us to create the perfect merch to show off your favourite fan series.

On our website you can search through our online catalogue to get a sense of the number of brands we work with as well as the huge amount of selection we carry, which include:

  • T shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Bags and accessories
  • Polos
  • Tanks
  • Shorts and legwear
  • Headwear (toques and baseball caps)
  • Outerwear
  • Youth wear

With R&P Prints you can create any kind of custom apparel for yourself that will be exactly what you are looking for. The results we produce are vivid and stunning, and will be sure to draw the attention of other fans and onlookers as well.

By choosing us you can expect only the best in screen printing services, like a full range of products, free estimates, great prices, design consultations, no setup fees, and free delivery. With R&P Prints you can expect the full package of exceptional customer service and quality product delivery.

And when working with us you will be in touch with a service representative who will take the time to listen to your needs and make sure that you are getting the exact product that you want – even if you don’t know what that is yet. That’s why we have graphic designers available who can discuss design ideas with you and help you find one that works with what you’re looking for.

You won’t get this kind of personal service with other websites that do all of their transactions online and that don’t offer any sort of personalization or custom options. For example, you can even ask us to create personalized hoodies that include your name and which Game of Thrones house you think you’d belong to. So if you really want to show off your fandom and how much you love it you should contact us so that we can create a product for you that is truly special.

What’s Your Fandom?

If you’re a fan of any of these series, then you might understand the pain of not being able to easily find quality merchandise to help you show off your fandom.

Novel: The Mistborn Trilogy (by Brandon Sanderson)

Brandon Sanderson is a popular author with a number of books that have captured the hearts and imagination of a number of people. The Mistborn trilogy is a popular series about a dystopian fantasy world controlled by the “Lord Ruler” and how a handful of people are trying to overthrow him using the power of ingesting metal particles to use special abilities.

Comic: Bone (by Jeff Smith)

This comic book series by Jeff Smith was released between 1991 and 2004 and has won multiple rewards for its unique style and ability to appeal to a number of ages. It’s a story about going on an adventure and achieving personal growth all through a fantasy-style setting.

TV Show: The OA (created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij)

You can watch both Season 1 and 2 of The OA on Netflix and fans are hoping that there is a Season 3 in the works. This quirky show follows the story of a woman who believes she is the “original angel” who can travel between dimensions. It’s rightfully garnered a cult following of fans who are interested in the unfolding mystery of the OA and her search to unravel the mysteries of the universe and ultimately save her friends.

Video Game: Games by Team ICO

Team ICO is a Japanese video game development studio who is responsible for creating the games Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and most recently, The Last Guardian. These games are characterized by using a minimalistic design that doesn’t rely on narration to convey a feeling to players. Instead they focus on the setting, using bloom and high dynamic range rendering (HDR) lighting to create a tone that conveys feeling. Because of this, they are generally considered to be a good example of how video games can function as an art form.

And Plenty More

These series have a strong fandom base but are not as recognized as they should be – which is why finding good, quality merchandise and apparel can be extremely difficult and frustrating. And of course there are plenty more out there of underrated series that more people should look into because of how great they are.

Contact R&P Prints Today

Stop by to learn more by visiting our website or giving us a call – we’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have as well as provide you with a free estimate. Our goal is to make sure that you find something that you love and cherish, as well as be able to appreciate for years to come. So if you’re a die-hard fan looking to show off your fandom with custom apparel then don’t hesitate to chat with us about whatever it is that you’re looking for.


custom tshirt design toronto

What Can’t You Do With Silk Screen Printing?

Silk screen printing is a great technique for transferring ink to flat surfaces that involves forcing ink through a screen with a stencil to block certain parts from getting inked. Screen printing creates vivid results making it a preferable method of printing. It’s also incredibly versatile as it works well on a variety of material and thus can be used to create prints on a number of products. Another advantage of screen printing is that it is durable and can handle multiple washes without fading and cracking.

That’s why our online catalogue is full of tons of products to choose from – all of which can be used for screen printing with results that are vivid and stunning. The screen printing equipment used at R&P Prints is state of the art and produces great results that stand above the rest.

Our prices are also extremely affordable, whether or not you are ordering one item or a hundred items. As one of the fastest growing printing companies in Canada, R&P Prints is dedicated to providing clients with a full-service custom printing, one-stop solution at great prices, and we are happy to work with you to meet any of your budget goals.

By choosing us you can expect a huge selection of products, free estimates, great prices, design consultations, no setup fees, and free delivery. We can even meet with you for a consultation at a location of your choice. Whether you’re looking to get custom t shirts or custom printed hoodies and sweats we can work with you to ensure that you are getting a product that meets your expectations.

Wholesale Pricing for Large Orders

Custom activewear is great for all types of occasions like apparel for events, camp uniforms, and sport’s team uniforms. R&P Prints offers custom sports team t shirts at a wholesale price for teams as well as vendors looking to sell product in their stores. We make the process of ordering your wholesale orders easy by providing free estimates, free delivery, no setup fees, and incredibly competitive rates. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service with our talented, professional, and dedicated team of associates who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are completely satisfied by the end result.

R&P Prints uses the finest quality long sleeve jerseys and activewear shirts on the market, from popular brands that are well-loved by a number of people. The brands we use are top of the line and are made from quality 100% polyester material. You can purchase activewear that is snag proof, moisture wicking, anti-odour, breathable, and tagless, made for a range of physical activities.

Custom Printed Apparel Bring Teams Together

custom sport uniforms toronto

Sports teams are a great way to stay active and build relationships. Not only are they good for the health of your body but for your mental health as well. Whether you’re thinking of starting up your own sports team, coaching one, or are putting one together at the office, then you will definitely want to get yourself some custom silk screen printed apparel. Custom t shirts and other apparel are a great way to promote a sense of team spirit, building your team’s confidence and pride for the team they are playing for.

When wearing a uniform, teammates will work more and play harder, and also feel a sense of unity and companionship. If you play casually or recreationally then your opponents may not have a quality custom printed uniform as your team does, which can go a long way to helping you win if your opponent gets intimidated.

Custom Team Uniforms Are Great for the Workplace

Team uniforms are also great for building unity among employees in the workplace. They are also good for helping your company’s image and building a reputation for reliability and professionalism. Branded workwear is also useful when interacting with the public because employees without uniforms can be indistinguishable from the public, which could make customers distrustful. For instance, if you run a plumbing company and your plumbers don’t wear uniforms then a customer may be hesitant to let your employee into their home because the employee lacks identification and looks unprofessional.

There are other benefits to wearing an employee uniform, especially for a growing company – a uniform will help solidify your workers into their position by giving them something symbolic of the company’s growth and success. Uniforms are also great for promoting your company, especially if your employees are often out and about or interacting with the public. Their custom printed uniforms that vividly display your company logo and colour scheme act as an advertisement for your company that potential customers can see and become interested in.

For instance, if someone sees the great job your employee is doing, they will be impressed enough to recognize your employee’s uniform and contact your business for your services when they require them later.

About R&P Prints

Operating out of Toronto, we have a large clientele of great customers that have asked for our silk screen printing services for a variety of events, occasions, teams, and camps. Customer response is extremely positive, and testimonials left by our clients often mention the quality of our work, timeliness, and accommodating services that are flexible for maximum customer convenience.

Our team is known for working diligently with customers to make sure that their projects are completed hassle-free, all at affordable costs and with quality results. Our clients are returning customers and we would be happy to hear from you and gain a new loyal customer.

You’ll be pleased with the results and happy with the way you are treated by our staff that value your time and are extremely welcoming and helpful. No matter what question or concern that you may have, or how complex your order might be, R&P Prints will work with you every step of the way in order to ensure a successful end result that will keep you coming back for years to come.

custom tshirt designs

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Custom T-Shirts

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking for custom t shirts in Toronto or screen printing services. No matter the reason you should rely on R&P Prints for quality silk screen printing services for custom t shirts that are designed using the best products on the market.

We carry a wide range of clothing products for men, women, youth, and children as well as accessories, bags, and scarves, that can all be screen printed on using our state of the art manual and automatic equipment. The products we carry come in a variety of colours and sizes suitable for all of your needs, whether you’re looking to order custom clothing for,

  • A sport’s team,
  • Employee uniforms,
  • Uniforms for camp goers,
  • Promotional material,
  • Or the perfect gift.

No matter the occasion, we have a number of options for you to choose from, and would be happy to discuss them with you especially if you’re not sure what would suit your needs best. With our online catalogue you can go over all of our products and see their specifications (like what material they are made from) as well as what colours they’re available in.

Simply add the clothing you are interested in to your cart and then fill out our online form for a free estimate. On the form you can describe what kind of design you are looking for as well as your budget and deadline for when the product should be completed by. From there, one of our representatives will be in touch with you in order to discuss the details of your project further as well as provide you with a free estimate.

Creating Your Own Custom Apparel

Coming up with a design can be difficult depending on what you need custom apparel for. For instance, it’s probably easier to design custom clothing for kids than it is to come up with a design for an employee uniform.

When it comes to creating your own t shirt design or any kind of custom apparel, it’s important to keep these factors in mind:

  • What will the apparel be used for – the sales team, promoting an event, free giveaways, promoting brand awareness, etc.?
  • Get some inspiration by looking at other designs out there and seeing which ones you’re drawn to – try to come up with a number of ideas and options to choose from so that you can narrow down your options later.
  • It’s important to know your budget, get an idea of how many you need, and in what sizes.

Once you have a general idea about these details, our on-site graphic designers can help you with the rest. With their expertise and know-how they can work with you to come up with a quality t shirt design that you’ll surely be satisfied with.

Branding Considerations

As a business owner, it’s important to have a strong brand presence so that customers can easily recognize and remember your company. Often, it can be hard to come up with a catchy logo or colour scheme that will truly set your business apart from the others and draw the attention of your customers with a catchy design.

If you’re looking for screen printing services in an effort to rebrand, or are just starting out and are looking for a company to help you get your brand out there, then we can help. With the aid of our on-site designers, you’ll be able to design the perfect logo for your business.

But before even getting to that stage with our designers, you might want to consider a few things and make some decisions about how you want your design to look beforehand. When it comes to your company logo you’ll want to decide whether it’ll be font-based (like IBM), an illustration (like Apple’s apple design), or an abstract graphic symbol (like Nike’s unmistakable swoosh).

To help you choose, consider the following:

  • What your company’s message is – try writing this out in a single sentence and thinking of an image that relates to it. Keep your company’s message in mind when designing a logo.
  • Look at the logos of other companies in your industry and determine how you want to stand out; for instance, if they are flashy, do you want a design that comes off as more conservative?
  • Consider that your logo will appear in many places – your company website, stationary, and on custom printed apparel – and that it needs to be functional as well as visually pleasing. The simpler the design, the easier it’ll be to get your logo on multiple platforms, including a custom t shirt.
  • Don’t use clip art or any kind of free art that you can find online – not only will it look cheap but there’s a strong possibility that someone else may use the same art as well, meaning you can be confused for another company.
  • Trends often change, so it’s not a good idea to design your logo with a certain trend in mind – try to aiming for a timeless look that can be adjusted with minor changes over time.
  • Try not to use too many colours as your logo will look messy and will also be difficult to reproduce in smaller sizes, as well as more expensive because you are using more kinds of ink.

With a general idea of what you want to do with the above points, you’ll be able to talk to our designers who can help you visualize the missing pieces.

R&P Prints: Quality Screen Printing in Canada

The right uniform with a catchy logo can go a long way towards building team spirit as well as getting your name out there. R&P Prints is dedicated to providing quality customer service that offers affordable prices, convenience, and satisfaction that leaves customers coming back. Click here to find out why we’re a well-recognized name across Canada and how we can help you when you are looking for screen printing in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Surprise Your Mom this Mother’s Day with a Unique Gift

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12 – so make sure you are prepared to get her a gift to show that you care. Of course, there’s the typical bouquet of flowers and a heart-warming card, but why not consider something a little different this year?

A unique mother’s day gift idea is to design a custom t-shirt for her with a personalized message or image that is special to her. R&P Prints provides silk screen printing in Toronto and would be happy to work with you to come up with a specialized t-shirt for your special mom – after all, she deserves the best!

We’re all about providing the highest quality clothing with expert screen printing for custom clothing that will never fail to impress. We carry a number of different brands and styles, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, tank tops, activewear, outerwear, and more. You can also choose from a number of colours depending on the brand and make you are interested in.

Design Ideas for Your Mom

custom printing shirts

Not sure what to get printed on your mom’s custom t-shirt? Consider these ideas:

  • Photos of you when you were a kid, family photos, photos of her grandchildren, a photo of you two together, etc.
  • A loving phrase like, “Best Mom Ever,” or “Super Mom,” or even something a little cheeky like, “There is Only One Rule: My Rule” – and of course it doesn’t hurt to include some imagery like a mom in a cape or wearing a crown to match the phrase.
  • Your childhood or their grandchildren’s doodles.
  • A photo or drawing of their pet(s) and a caption if you think it fits.

You know you’re mom best, so make sure to give the custom design you use some thought. Of course, our designers would be happy to help you come up with some ideas as well, or bring a budding idea of yours to fruition.

Custom T-Shirts in Toronto

If you’re looking for t-shirt printing in Toronto then you’ve come to the right place. Our silk screen printing services are top quality and done with state of the art manual and automatic equipment. With the latest in screen printing technology and our expertise, you can’t go wrong when looking for t-shirt printing available near you.

Get in touch with us today to find out about how we make the process of designing a t-shirt easy and affordable. Our online catalogue is a convenient way to search through our various options and make an informed selection. We also have an online tool that you can access from your browser (or you can download our app) to design your own custom t-shirt online. With our tool you can choose a size, colour, upload your image and resize it as well; you can even add your own custom text.

After making your selections, just fill out our online form to receive a free estimate on your order. You can also give us a call, toll-free, to speak to a customer service representative who can answer your questions and discuss your order with you.

So if you have a custom t shirt in mind for your mom on Mother’s Day, then be sure to give us a call to find out how we can help you create the perfect gift.

The Benefits of an Employee Uniform

When it comes to creating a business, whether you are a handyman, doing renovations, landscaping, or even starting up your own tech company, having an employee uniform can be an extreme benefit. Even just making sure that your employees are smartly dressed can go a long way towards creating the right atmosphere and image for your employees and customers.

Branded workwear is especially useful, particularly when interacting with the public. Employees without uniforms can be indistinguishable from regular people, which may create distrust between your brand and customers.

Contact R&P Prints if you are looking to purchase new workwear for your employees with a custom design and logo that represents your company. Here are some of the benefits that having your employees dressed in branded workwear can bring to your company.

A Sense of Team Spirit

custom printing shirts

Build your team spirit with custom t-shirt designs that represent your company. T-shirts are particularly easy to brand with your logo and custom design by using screen printing technology.

Sharing a uniform helps employees to feel part of a team and gain a shared sense of pride about the company they are working for. This is even better for when you’re company is growing – uniforms can bring a sense of legitimacy to your business and create a sense of security for your workers who may be looking for long-term employment.

Promote Your Company

custom printing shirts

When you deck your employees out in custom tees you’re basically turning them into walking advertisements for your company. If your employees are frequently out in public (like a delivery driver) then branded workwear is a great way to hook in potential customers.

An ideal situation would be one where a member of the public sees the great job your employee is doing, and because of their custom workwear are able to easily identify and later look up your company. Here’s where company values and hiring the right employees comes into play – if they are wearing your brand then they should be leaving a good impression.

For More Practical Matters

custom printing shirts

A company uniform is also great for protecting your employees if they are doing jobs that require a little more hands-on work. For instance, plumbers will often be dealing with sewage and other unfavourable substances, so dressing them in quality apparel can prevent potentially dangerous wear and tear.

Another reason uniforms are great for someone like a plumber is because it ensures that harmful substances remain solely on their uniform, instead of on regular clothes that they may wear day-to-day.

Create a Secure Environment

custom tshirts

When customers order a service, they might be hesitant to let someone into their home who isn’t wearing a uniform or at least some sort of branding that represents the company they are from. Even something as simple as a branded t-shirt can help foster trust between your company and its customers.

R&P Prints offers custom screen printing in Toronto done with state of the art equipment in order to create quality printed clothing for our customers. Custom designed workwear can promote team spirit among your employees, foster better relationships between you and your customers, and improve your overall security.

With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you invest in custom work shirts for your employees? The overall benefits will far outweigh any costs.

Team Outerwear for Every Kind of Weather

Spring weather can often be unpredictable, with sunny days turning into rainy ones in a matter of minutes. Spring is also when sports start up again, so there are a lot of people who will get left out in the rain when the weather suddenly decides to change. There’s also the threat of cold nights coming on after water days, as well as the wind picks up unexpectedly. That’s why so many people use layering to adjust to unpredictable weather, especially in the springtime.

custom printing shirts

R&P Prints provides custom printed outerwear for every kind of occasion, from a number of popular brands. Our stock comes available in a number of styles and colours, all of which you can easily look search through via our online catalogue. Styles include hoodies, waterproof jackets, insulated vests, softshell jackets, and more.

If you’re a coach responsible for a sports team then why not take a look at the services we offer? Adding custom outwear to your team’s uniform will ensure their comfort and health, giving them the energy to perform their best.

For instance, a dry tech shell system jacket is perfect for rainy weather because it is wind and water resistant, breathable, and built for comfort. You can also opt for something like a polyester or spandex jersey, built for comfort and some much-needed warmth when the temperatures drop. There are a number of options and our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose the right style for your team.

R&P Prints is Your Custom Screen Printer in Toronto

custom printing shirts

We make designing, ordering, and purchasing custom outwear easy with our free estimates, free delivery, no setup fees, and competitive prices. Our aim is to provide you with great customer service with our talented, professional, and dedicated team of associates who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with your product and experience.

Not familiar with how screen printing works? Check out our screen printing glossary on our website so that you can learn some more about the work we do and the services we provide. We take pride in our work and are more than happy to share with you the details of our trade. You might be surprised to learn that screen printing actually has a long history, dating all the way back to the Song Dynasty of China from 960 to 1279 AD.

Screen printing has come a long way since then, and we are committed to using the best technology to produce the highest quality results. Screen printing can be used to create all sorts of custom clothing – even workwear clothing can be customized for employees that find themselves outside often.

Whether you’re showing off your company or your sports team, being properly equipped with the right apparel can make a huge difference in the performance of your business or team. People who wear matching uniforms experience a greater sense of unity, team spirit, and pride. These factors contribute to higher levels of performance and accountability.

So don’t leave your teammates out in the rain – contact R&P Prints to get a free estimate on custom team shirts that feature your very own logo.

Host an Olympics-Themed Event for Your Day Camp

If you are responsible for hosting a day camp, whether from your home, school, or local community centre, then you might be looking for ideas on what kinds of activities your kids can do. This spring, get the kids outside and burning up some energy by organizing a kid-friendly Olympic event. Even though the Summer Olympics aren’t until 2020, you can still take this opportunity to get them excited and learning more about it.

Not sure how a Day Camp Olympics event works? We’ve got some ideas for you here. The first one is to get custom printed clothing for kids so that they can have their own unique uniform to represent their team while competing in events. If you plan ahead, you can organize the kids into teams (or pairs, depending on the amount you have) and ask them to come up with a team name and a logo.

As a neat surprise, you can contact us for screen printing in Toronto and have their custom design printed on a t-shirt that’s their team colour. Giving the kids their own uniform is a great way to inspire team spirit, get the kids involved, and also give them something to take home and remember the event after it’s over.

Choose Your Games

custom printing shirts

When planning for your Olympic event you’ll need to choose the games they will be competing in, and then take the time to prepare them. Some neat ideas for games that your kids can play include:

Bean bag toss – follow these simple DIY instructions on how to create your own at an affordable price

Ring toss – fill up soda bottles with sand and liquid and get small pool rings that the kids can toss onto the bottles

A 100-metre dash or another kind of race suitable for children

Hurdle jumping – you can use boxes for the hurdles

Amateur gymnastics – on grass or a soft mat, have the kids do some tumbles and cartwheels

With all this running around there’s a lot of opportunities to get your clothes dirty. That’s why purchasing custom clothes for kids from R&P Prints would be a great idea for your Olympic event! They won’t have to worry about getting their normal clothes dirty, and will have a quality shirt they can rely on to handle all the running about (their parents will be happy about it as well).

A Learning Opportunity

custom printing shirts

Leading up the event, you could also get your kids learning more about the Olympics by having them do special activities or make crafts.

For instance, you can print out the Olympic rings without their colours filled in, and have the kids colour them in after explaining what each colour ring represent. Another idea is to have the kids create an Olympic torch using construction paper and aluminum foil. Like the rings, be sure to talk about what the torch represents – you can also use the torch later in a relay race.

Quality You Can Count On

Day camp is the perfect place for kids to create lasting memories. Let R&P Prints be a part of that memory-making process by helping you design and create custom t-shirts for your day campers. Whether they’re competing in an Olympic event, or you are interested in ordering branded tees for your camp, we can deliver top-quality screen printed apparel at an affordable price. Give us a call today to learn more.

Stay Cool Playing Indoor Beach Volleyball with R&P Prints

There’s nothing like the feeling of sand between your toes, especially after landing from a jump after spiking a volleyball into your rival team’s side of the net. Beach volleyball can be a blast to play and it doesn’t have to be a sport you can only enjoy during the summer.

Indoor beach volleyball is a great way to keep active and enjoy beach volleyball all year around. You won’t have to miss the feeling of being out on the warm beach when you have an indoor playground to run around in instead. This is especially great news for people who don’t like the cold or winter sports, and would rather be able to experience summer all year around.

R&P Prints is a Team Player

At R&P Prints we understand how important team sports are for people of all ages. Especially when it’s colder and harder to be active, indoor sports like indoor beach volleyball are a great way to keep busy, stay fit, and socialize.

custom shirts canada

The sensation of working together as a team is a satisfying feeling, especially when you have some swag to show off. So if you’re looking for t shirt printing in Toronto then look no further than R&P Prints – we can help you design and create the perfect custom team t shirts for your indoor beach volleyball team.

Our Services

We have a huge selection of product options when it comes to custom t shirts. Check out our online catalogue to see the finest quality t shirts on the market from popular brands. Anything you find there can be custom printed on – if you see something you like, add it to your cart or request a custom printing estimate.

You can learn about our screen printing services by visiting our website, which even has a tool that lets you design your own custom t shirt directly from your web browser (or you can use it by downloading our app). With the t shirt design tool you can choose between a t shirt and a hoodie, pick your size, colour, and even upload your own image to add to the shirt. You can also add text and choose the quantity you would like to order from multiple sizes. After making your selection and previewing the final product, you can submit your design for an estimate.

Wholesale Custom Screen Printed Uniforms

R&P Prints also offers custom sports team t shirts at a wholesale price for teams as well as vendors looking to sell product in their stores. The process of ordering with us is easy: we offer free estimates, free delivery, no setup fees, and incredibly competitive prices. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service with our talented, professional, and dedicated team of associates who will work with you every step of the way to ensure your deadlines are met all within your budget.

Having a matching uniform can inspire your teammates and give them the motivation to work harder at your next game. It’ll also help strengthen bonds between teammates and give them something to show off for all the hard work they did during the season.

So if you want to look cool all season long then contact us today to get a free estimate on your indoor beach volleyball’s team custom made shirts.