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Gear Up For Your Summer Golf Tournament The Right Way

You might be wondering why you’re reading a golf tournament article in the midst of winter – that’s understandable. But in order to successfully put on a golf tournament, you need to start with months of planning, countless hours spent cold calling sponsors, securing volunteers and schmoozing with a golf course president in order to secure your day. Likely, a lot of that stuff was done months ago, as were the food and beverage menus and much of the actual planning of the day. Now, with just a few months to go until the sunny summer weather, it’s time to start turning your attention to the smaller details: the newsletters, flyers, email blasts and, yes… the custom apparel.

There’s a lot to order for a golf tournament – items that we’ll be looking at in further detail this blog post – and at R&P Prints we know the importance of a quick turnaround. The sooner you have your custom apparel and accessories, the better peace of mind you’ll have and the better marketing you’ll be able to do.

Custom apparel and accessories are of vital importance to a golf tournament because they offer ticket buyers a tangible return for their money. Even if your tournament is a fundraiser (which they generally are), it’s still important to show gratitude to participants by giving them some swag, and, being able to play with custom wearable products bearing the tournament name, they will feel more as though they are contributing to something important.

For shirts, you have a number of tees and polos to choose from, whether the Nike Mobility Heather Pique Polo we offer, to the Basic Solid Polo, or the A-Game Colour Block T-shirt – those are just a few of many, many shirt options we offer. You can also decide whether you’d rather have the shirts screen printed or embroidered. It all depends on the look you’re going for, and the budget you’re working with.

Of course, as part of the participant arrival package, you’ll also want custom branded hats. After all, the hot summer sun is going to be out (knock on wood!) and participants will definitely appreciate the protection. For a great basic, check out the Flexfit Pro-formance Cap we offer, which comes in an array of colours, or for something slightly sportier you can take a look at the Contrast Stitch Sideline Cap we offer. The added benefit of distributing hats is that there is a high likelihood that your participants will wear that hat year round: if you run an annual event, that amounts to some great advertising during the off-season!

And to house the whole arrival package, take a peek at the bags we offer. The Big Dome Duffel Bag and Crunch Duffel Bag are both prime examples of great swag, and we’ll make sure your tournament logo and name are branded in big, bright, crisp colours on the bag. Tournament-goers can easily cart around balls, beverages and personal belongings throughout the day in these bags, and, just like the hats and shirts, they’ll be able to use the bags year-round, whether for travelling or hitting the golf course.

With a couple months to go before the big day, it’s definitely time to make use of our custom screen printing services for your bags, shirts and hats. You want to create a professional, unified and classy event, and the best way to do that – at least from a style perspective – is with custom apparel. Not only will the participants be grateful, but you’ll get some sly advertising for next year as well. It’s a cheesy old line, but we’ll say it anyways: make this year’s tournament a hole in one.

5 Branded Items That Give Your Business Year Round Advertising

Paying for a billboard to stay up 12 months a year is going to get very expensive, as will continuing to buy out commercial or radio spots, and even social media ads can rack up a pretty hefty bill. This is all to say that with most forms of advertising, the time to which you expose people to the ad is factored into the cost – but that’s not the case with branded apparel and accessories.

With R&P Prints custom clothing and accessories, you get durable clothes with a screen print or embroidery job that will last a very long time, meaning that your business’ logo, name and info will continue to make an impression on people wherever it’s worn. And there’s no “renewing” these advertisements; it’s just one reasonable cost at the start, and then your advertisements are out in the world indefinitely. If you want to go a step further, and order branded apparel and accessories that are typically used year round – regardless of season – check out these five items.


Except for perhaps on the coldest days of winter, the standard ball cap is worn year round – to block out the sun in the summer, the rain in the spring and fall, and to cover your head in the winter. For this reason, caps make great promotional apparel. Give out free hats as part of a promotion when launching a new product or service, and watch as those hats continue to gather you fresh leads throughout the year.


We know what you might be saying – t-shirts aren’t really worn in the winter, are they? And while it’s true that during the cold Toronto winter no one’s strolling outside in a t-shirt (save for a few macho dudes), people still wear their t-shirts indoors. It’s not at all uncommon for someone to layer a jacket and coat over a t-shirt, and then shed the outer two layers when stepping into a restaurant, pub, movie theatre, library, etc. T-shirts are the quintessential promotional item for a reason, and you can’t go wrong with our custom t shirt services for your business.

Tote Bags

Regardless of the season, people are going to carry around their tote bags, whether for groceries (in a growing trend away from plastic bags), books or even to and from work. They are extremely popular, with some, including the one the New Yorker distributed, going on to become a fashion statement in their own right.

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags make great promotional products, because of their durability and versatility. If you own or run a gym, for example, this is a great “sign up gift”, because customers will then use the bag to and from the gym, garnering more attention and visibility. Duffel bags are also great for traveling, which means they’re often used throughout the spring and summer.


There is no single season for working out. People do it all year round. That’s why giving away activewear is such a smart move. Gym-goers run out of clean shirts pretty quickly, so they’re almost guaranteed to grab your branded workout tee when they hit the gym. There are many businesses that crossover well with the health movement, who would benefit from the on-brand viral marketing that custom activewear offers – if your business is one of them, give us a call to learn more about ordering.

At R&P Prints, we pride ourselves on the level of care and focus we put into every item of clothing and accessory, whether we’re screen printing or embroidering. Couple that with the quality clothing brands we offer, and you’ve got an advertisement that is built to last.

What Does Your Upcoming Event Need To Be A Smashing Success?

As the weather here in Toronto teases us with warmer days – days when we can leave the house without gloves and a scarf – we start to think about spring and summer, about the multitude of interesting events it contains. For the organizers of these events, however, this time of year can be a season of panic, of wondering what steps to take in order to wow event-goers with smooth, well-attended festivities.

Whether it’s your event’s first run or its 101st run, there’s always some room for improvement, and we at R&P Prints are excited to help. We believe that with the right branded apparel, you can fine-tune your event every step of the way, making it a profitable endeavor (either for your charity or organization) and a smashing success.

The first thing on any event organizers mind is promotion – how do you market your event to stand out above all the rest. As we mentioned, the sunny season is replete with events, so your first order of business needs to be marketing. Social media marketing can be a wonderful, modern tool for promotion, playing a sheer numbers game to reach a specific demographic. But in order to engage people and drum up excitement, you need a viral campaign that centres on old-fashioned promotional apparel.

Ideally, this was done at least year’s event (if there was a last year) in the form of giveaways or shirt sales, but it’s not too late to give away tote bags, hats, toques or make use of the custom t shirt printing and embroidery services we offer. Getting your branded apparel printed early allows you more time for event marketing, starting early and going all the way up to the event itself. Handing out, or selling, branded apparel at your event will drum up interest even as the even takes place; people around town, who might’ve missed your earlier advertising, will see the apparel and take note.

And not only does custom apparel help advertise your event, but it also helps please your advertisers. That’s right, most – if not all – events rely at least in part on sponsors, and those sponsors like to know that their own name and brand is getting out there. Offering your sponsors a spot on the branded apparel will sweeten the deal, especially if you’re beginning your marketing campaign early. There’s nothing an affiliate business likes more than good exposure – and there’s no better exposure than a walking logo!

Finally, there’s the matter of actually ensuring that the event runs smoothly. Creating an event plan early makes delegation easier, as well as allowing you to choose the dates and locations you want. When the big day rolls around, though, that delegation needs to be visible in some way – giving your volunteers and event staff screen printed t-shirts will help you and other organizers pick them out of the crowd easily. It will also help event-goers identify staff in case they have a question or an emergency. As the go-to expert screen printing company in Toronto we can help you design these shirts to denote different responsibilities or sections.

There are a lot of fine, almost microscopic considerations involved with planning a successful event, from the advertising to the funding to the delegation. It’s amazing that something as simple and humble as quality, custom made screen printed apparel can help through each of those considerations. Together, let’s make this year’s event the event of the season, one that people will be talking about for the rest of 2018, and beyond.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Custom Designed Apparel

Custom designed apparel is the “face” of many businesses. It conveys a lot of information in a small package: aside from obviously telling you what the business is, and offering its logo, custom designed apparel tells you about a business’ commitment to quality, its high standards for its employees and its customer appreciation. In business, that’s what is called “good bang for your buck”! But in order to get the most out of your branded apparel, you need to take a few considerations into account, such as the following:


If you’re only using custom printing products for your company internally, it’s time to start branching out by using apparel in your marketing campaigns. Keeping a stock of screen printed t-shirts on hand, in case you need them for a trade show, charity event, promotional giveaway, etc., is a smart move. It’s been proven that people do wear the branded shirts they receive, which means that they act as viral public advertisements, moving your brand around to unique consumers. Take, for instance, this story of Sujan Patel, a businessman who, using only custom shirts, made 980 thousand dollars revenue for his company – you can read his story at the above link.

Matching Business With Apparel

The next consideration to take is matching your business’ brand with the type of apparel your employees wear. If you run or manage a gym for example, it’s better to give your employees activewear, to further reinforce the fitness aspect of your brand. To convey a relaxed kind of authority – like for instance at an electronics store – consider making a printed polo the uniform. Even something like the colour of a garment can convey different things about a brand: yellow denotes optimism; red conveys excitement; green is peaceful and health-conscious; and blue is trustworthy and dependable. These aren’t, of course, hard and fast rules, but we think it’s worth considering.

Seasonal Wear

Canada (or at least most of it) doesn’t enjoy the year-round, temperate climate that some others do. It’s wise, therefore, to have seasonal clothing items that are branded. Hats can be given out, either to customers or employees, in the summer, to block the hot sun. Toques, coats and insulated jackets can be given out for the chilly winters. And you can give out branded rain jackets for those wet transitional seasons. This way, your brand is out there year-round, at work and in public, and your employees feel well taken care of. For knitwear, like toques, your embroidery specialist in Toronto is here at R&P Prints, where we use state-of-the-art embroidery printing.

Top Quality

Of course, you want your investment to last a long time, which is why the final way to make the most out of your custom apparel is to choose high quality brands. At R&P Prints, we have relationships with a number of top quality brands, like Gildan, Hanes, Bella and Alo, to name just a few. No matter what you’re after, whether it’s shirts, active wear, workwear, custom headwear options or any other possible article of clothing, we’ve got a quality solution for a reasonable price.

The face of your business should be a welcoming one. Using custom-made clothing to promote your business and define your brand, while offering top-quality, year-round wear to your employees will result in more brand visibility and happier employees. Whatever you need, and whatever you need it for, R&P Prints is available to help – get in touch with us about making the most out of your custom designed apparel.

An Epic Bachelorette Party Starts With Custom Shirts

The last night of freedom, that all-important ritual of heading out with friends for a night of debauched fun before you marry the person you love. The bachelorette, or bachelor party, should be a night to remember. Oftentimes, the guest of honour – the bride or groom to be – doesn’t plan the party, though, leaving it up to a friend or close relative instead, and if you’ve been tasked with throwing a bachelorette or bachelor party you know that it can be… stressful. You want to make sure everyone has a good time, and that all the different partygoers click with one another.

A great way to get the party started right is with custom shirts from R&P Prints that are both funny and high quality. Especially if you’re mixing together people who haven’t really met before, the easiest, most surefire way to get everyone partying like a team is to give everyone a custom-made shirt. Imagine rolling up to a bar or dance club with everyone wearing different things. Now imagine everyone rolling up wearing shirts that say, for instance, “The I Do Crew”. Which scenario is more conducive to a good time? The second, of course, because everyone is partying together.

The first step in the process of planning an epic bachelor or bachelorette party is contacting our custom t shirt services and chatting about what you want as your design. There are loads out there to choose from, ranging from the high-concept type, to puns and jokes. Let’s look at a few examples! Some people like mixing custom shirts with a theme, like, for instance a cowboy/cowgirl theme, where everyone wears cowboy boots and a hat, with shirts that say “John’s Last Rodeo”, or “Last Ride For The Bride”. You could design it like a band tour t-shirt, with “Jane’s Farewell Tour” on the back, along with the wedding date. Some people go straight for a pun, like “Drunk with Love”, or “He Popped The Question. We’re Poppin’ Bottles”. For a front-and-back design, you could have “Yes” printed on the front, and then “That’s what she said” printed on the back.

As you can see, there are a lot of great ideas out there, and if you don’t want to choose a ready-made joke you can always go with an inside joke between you and your friends. The point is that you want everyone to feel like they’re bonded together for a night to remember, and you want to the bride or groom to feel like they’re the centre of attention. For spring and summer parties, get in touch with us as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on design, and to make sure you get the perfect printed shirt for a good price. Wedding season starts to get totally crazy once the weather warms up a bit, so it’s best to start planning sooner rather than later.

Finally, the reason you want to R&P Prints for this kind of job is that we guarantee quality. For starters, if you’re going out on the town, you want to look good. This is no ordinary night, after all, and you want well-made shirts. Here at R&P Prints we carry some of the best clothing brands in North America. Another reason why you want to choose quality is because this isn’t only an expendable shirt that your party will wear once and forget about – this is a keepsake, something that will doubtless be of sentimental value for the bride or groom to be. And for the rest of the partygoers it will be a way of remembering an epic night.

3 Spectacular St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas

First of all: we bet you can’t say “Spectacular St. Patrick’s Day” five times fast! But that’s beside the point. March 17th is fast approaching, and as any business knows that means brands are gearing up for their St. Paddy’s day marketing campaigns. For many businesses, that means putting up a few green decorations in their store or office, perhaps commissioning a billboard with a shamrock on it. But if you really want your marketing campaign to be a viral success this March, you have to think about swag. Here are three St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas that are sure to give your business the luck of the Irish.

  1. Printed Shirts

We know these two things to be true: first, that everyone who goes out for St. Patrick’s Day likes to wear a green shirt; and second, that very few people actually own a green shirt. This is where a savvy marketer sees an entrance and swoops in. By offering free, custom screen designed green shirts from R&P Prints to customers and future customers, you effectively get your brand on ground level during the festivities, worn by men and women everywhere for whom that’s their only green shirt. And being Toronto’s leading printing and embroidery company we know the power of that viral message – it exposes your logo and information to scores of people who wouldn’t otherwise see it, upping your brand visibility.

  1. Giveaway Totes

No matter the demographic, people like getting free things. And arguably, they like those free things even more if they’ve won them. As part of your St. Patrick’s marketing campaign, consider giving away St. Paddy’s swag bags – green totes, screen printed with your business’ logo and info, filled with goodies like green candy, “beer goggles”, chocolate gold coins, or even the aforementioned printed shirts. The giveaway could be part of a raffle or contest, which engages customers on a personal level, and will create a lasting brand association as they carry their tote with them throughout the year. In order to make sure they are made well and are delivered to you quickly, use our high quality screen printing services in Toronto for the totes.

  1. Toques

March is by no means the end of the chilly weather, especially here in Canada, and if you want your branded clothing to get the most mileage, consider making it functional. Toques are a great way to do this. They don’t need to be green, either, and arguably you’ll have more people wearing them the rest of the winter if they’re not green. Incorporate a green element into your logo design, or leave the whole green thing off entirely – there are other ways, like using gold or orange, to denote the holiday. We offer an awesome embroidery service that would be perfect for custom toques, but don’t take our word for it – you can see how good our products look by visiting our website.

There’s a common misconception that only certain types of businesses can really market for St. Patrick’s Day (beer brands, bars and restaurants). In actuality, you don’t need to be Irish or sell alcohol to be part of the Craic – spreading your brand through custom printed clothing and accessories can be a great way to keep your business on people’s mind heading into spring. Contact us today to get the ball rolling, or start by visiting our website to check out products and design ideas. As they say in the Emerald Isle: Sláinte!

Give Your Sports Team The Winning Edge With Custom Activewear

With winter in full swing, both corporate and recreational teams are suiting up, playing hockey, basketball, and a number of other indoor sports. And with spring around the corner (it’s a long corner, but it’s still on its way!), teams are also starting to prepare for outdoor sports, like softball and soccer. While you can assemble the best players you can find, and practice often, the lifeblood of a good team is still in the uniform. Take the first Mighty Ducks movie for example: they were a ragtag group of youths until their coach (played impeccably by Emilio Estevez) stuck that iconic green jersey on them, and then they all started to play as a team.

Here at R&P Prints we like to think of ourselves as that Emilio Estevez figure: bringing teams together through the power of beautifully crafted sports clothing. We offer all sorts of different products, suited to an array of different sports. Take, for instance, the Baseball Tee or Youth Baseball Tee we offer, which comes in a variety of sleeve colours – royal blue, red, black and navy – to suit your team logo and design. Or take the Caliber 2.0 Polo, whose moisture-wicking and breathable fabric would be perfectly suited for a group golfing shirt.

Regardless of what sport you play, we’ve got activewear products to suit your team. We’re deep into basketball season now, and if you’re part of a recreational basketball league, or have aspirations to start one, come talk to us. The Pro Mesh Reversible Tank Top we offer, for example, makes for the perfect basketball jersey, and our on site graphic designers will work to meet your vision. Our associates are also on hand to make sure that you stay on budget, getting the best quality uniform for the best price possible.

And uniforms really can give a team the winning edge. Whether you’re a professional team looking to best a long-time rival or a recreational team looking to dominate your Friday night league, you need to have an identity in order to play well together. That’s the first thing a uniform helps with. It creates a team identity, which translates to better engagement and teamwork. The other advantage of getting sport-specific team uniforms, especially those of good quality clothes, is that they’re specifically designed for that sport. Instead of showing up to a basketball game in a stiff t-shirt, and drenching it in sweat, show up in a mesh tank top, which stays breathable while allowing your shoulders a full, unencumbered range of motion to make your shots.There are even some theories out there that go so far as to assert that the colour of your team uniform can give you a winning edge. Take for instance this Scientific American article, which links Scarlet-coloured uniforms with sports success, citing evolutionary psychology as the driving factor – apparently “red” is a natural signifier of dominance! Whether you buy that or not, you have to admit that uniforms help a sports team, both by unifying them and by providing them the proper attire to play the game.

If you want to spark some ideas, check out our exhaustive list of attire on offer, or peruse through our gallery of finished products to see the fine work we’ve done for other teams, like the hockey jerseys we’ve printed. Whatever your sport of choice may be, we’ll find a way to make sure you play in style.

Vinyl T-shirt Printing vs. Screen Printing

Vinyl T-shirt printing or screen printing? Which one should you choose for your custom clothing? These are questions that many of us ask when we’re looking to outfit an entire team or create custom swag for our employees. While both printing options have their benefits, screen printing is generally favoured by printing houses and designers.

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Screen Printing vs. Heat Transfer

Screen Printing vs. Heat Transfer

When it comes to customized clothing, you may be wondering about screen printing or heat transfer. Both methods are used to create custom designs on everything from T-shirts to hats to tote bags. Each process has their own pros and cons; however, screen printing seems to be the method of choice for most printing companies.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing process that uses actual screens to replicate designs onto everything from clothing to posters. This process is sometimes referred to as silk-screening or silk screen printing due its early origins when silk was used to transfer pictures and designs to other materials. Nowadays, screen printing involves uses a screen cut into a stencil featuring the design of your choice. Then, ink is spread over the screen enabling it to pass through onto the material underneath. Each colour needed for the design will require its own screen making for a more vibrant design. Screen printing allows for advanced accuracy since the ink will only penetrate the materials underneath in the areas you want.

How does heat transfer work?

Using a combination of heat and pressure, heat transfer relocates a design onto a material. The design is usually broken down into different elements such as letters and pictures so that when they are pressed onto the item the ink is more likely to permanently adhere to the material. In the custom design world, two types of heat transfer methods are used; vinyl heat transfer and digital print heat transfer. For vinyl heat transfer, heavy machinery is needed to cut pieces of the design onto coloured vinyl. Then, the heat from the machine is able to transfer each colour onto the customized item. For digital print heat transfer a special ink is used to digitally print the design onto the material using heat. Machinery is also required for this type of heat transfer.

Screen printing or heat transfer: Which is better?

Screen printing or heat transfer are both common methods for customizing items. Although heat transfer may seem like it requires less manpower, it entails the same amount of time and effort as screen printing. Because screen printing uses different screens for each colour, your items will be more vibrant and have less chance of fading over time. Furthermore, most people are looking to make bulk orders for their customized clothing since it is needed to outfit an entire team or group and screen printing is the better option for larger orders (12 or more). Plus, when you order screen printed items in bulk, you are actually saving money.

R&P Prints can help you decide if you’d like screen printing or heat transfer for your custom clothing. We offer free estimates with no setup fees and a huge selection of clothing like hats, T-shirts, polo shirts, bags, shorts, pants and more. With free delivery and full size runs for women, men and children, you can’t go wrong when you choose R&P Prints for your screen printing or heat transfer needs.

Time to Start Thinking About Custom Christmas Shirts

Nothing conjures up the holiday spirit like a custom printed Christmas shirt. And nothing makes it more personal than ordering online from R&P Prints. Custom printed attire is both unique and personal – it’s something truly memorable at a special time of year. For family and friends, young and old, custom Christmas shirts are sure to please, and a great way to spread Christmas joy.

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