Debunking 5 Common Myths About Screen Printing

Every industry has a few myths that overshadow the truth, and screen printing is no different. Someone heard from a friend of a friend, who read on Facebook, that custom clothing costs a lot of money, so it must be true of all screen printing orders forever, everywhere.

Right? Wrong! This is just one example of the many myths that can confuse people and prevent them from designing their own t-shirt designs.

As the premier company offering screen printing in Toronto, R&P Prints works hard to dispel these misconceptions. We work with businesses, organizations, and people from all across Canada to show how silk screen printing really works.

We think our screen printing speaks for itself, although many satisfied customers have shared their thoughts online to give us a 4.5-star rating on Google Reviews. We’ve earned top marks because we flawlessly transfer your designs onto any article of clothing you need. We offer an extensive selection of clothing and brands to help you boost sales, promote events, or celebrate your brand.

We also love updating this blog to share insider information about the industry. Today, we’re using it to deliver the truth behind the most common myths about screen printing.

Myth #1: Screen Printing is Expensive

Perhaps the biggest myth surrounding the screen printing industry is that it’s too expensive. Many screen printing companies earn this reputation because they often deal in massive bulk orders, printing thousands of shirts for an individual project.

Enormous bulk orders tend to share the best cost-savings per article of clothing, but the total price tag of a large job may scare you off if you only need 100 shirts for your volunteer team.

Luckily, any legitimate silk screen printing company will scale costs to each job, setting appropriate limits for your project’s needs. We further offset the price by providing a free estimate, no set-up fees, and free delivery on every order, regardless of size.

Myth #2: Screen Printing is Just for T-Shirts

Don’t need a t-shirt? No problem. Most screen printing companies use sophisticated equipment that can transfer your designs onto nearly any material.

Here at R&P Prints, we work with the following custom clothing:

  • Activewear
  • Bags and accessories
  • Fleece
  • Headwear
  • Masks
  • Pants and shorts
  • Polos
  • Safety wear
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants
  • Workwear

Where did this rumour come from? We might be guilty of perpetuating this myth, but you’ll have to excuse us. Not only do custom t-shirt printing jobs represent the bulk of the work we produce, but the t-shirt is also a universal fashion statement worn around the globe.

Everyone — from all walks of life, styles, and ages — wears a t-shirt. We talk about custom t-shirt printing more often than our other projects as a result, but you can print your designs onto almost any fabric.

Other popular projects include creating custom hoodies in Toronto. The hoodie isn’t exclusive to your workout outfit anymore. In Toronto, it’s a staple of the city’s street fashion, and we’re happy to produce the best custom hoodies Toronto has to offer.

Myth #3: You Can’t Design Your Own Shirt

Another misconception about our industry is that you can’t design your own clothes, so you’re stuck choosing designs from a silk screen printing company’s existing catalogue instead.

When you’re looking for custom clothing, you don’t want to pick from recycled artwork that someone else has already worn. Thankfully, we can happily debunk this particular myth.

Here at R&P Prints, we encourage you to design your own clothes to maximize your freedom of expression. You know what you want better than anyone else, so we want to make it as easy as possible to share your ideas.

But don’t worry if your design doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would. We have an in-house graphic designer who works under your direction to improve your ideas and tweak your designs. For a nominal fee, our designer can give your artwork a professional polish so that it’s ready for the printers.

Credit: Vectorium via FreePik

Myth #4: Screen Printing Takes Too Long for Important Events

The best screen printing companies take care to produce flawless printing on every article of clothing in your order, but don’t mistake our attention to detail as a barrier to urgent projects. As an experienced silk screen printing company, our team can turn around beautiful custom clothing on a tight timeline without sacrificing quality.

Whether you have a golf tournament or company-wide volunteer day coming up, we can print custom clothing in time.

Deadlines haven’t stood in our way when we created custom clothing for these other timely events:

  • Children’s Camp Days
  • Class Reunions
  • Community Fundraisers
  • Company Outing
  • Concerts
  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals
  • Holiday Retail Season
  • Races, Marathons, and Other Sporting Events

Get in touch with us directly to see if we have the available stock to get started right away for last-minute orders.

Myth #5: Your Design Will Flake Off

A fear that your custom clothing won’t look good after a few washes is understandable. You want long-lasting results after investing time in designing your own clothes.

Luckily, this fear only becomes a reality if a silk screen printing company doesn’t follow the correct procedure.

When done properly, an experienced silk screen printing company produces custom clothing that won’t peel or flake off with time. Here at R&P Prints, we use state-of-the-art equipment, inks, and techniques to ensure your custom clothing lasts.

Don’t Let These Myths Stop You from Designing Your Own Custom Clothing

Did this list clear up any misconceptions you might have had about screen printing? If you’ve shied away from ordering bulk custom clothing due to cost or timing in the past, now you know the truth. The best screen printing companies can produce affordable, beautiful work on a tight timeline.

If you still have questions about how we can elevate your t-shirts designs, you can find out more about t-shirt printing online here on our website or call us directly to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

Get in touch today to get the ball rolling on your custom clothing!

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4 Places to Sell Your Custom T-Shirt Designs

If you’re ready to kick your custom t-shirt business into high gear, it’s time to set up shop online.

Here at R&P Prints, Canada’s premier custom clothing printing company, we understand there can be a big difference between knowing and doing. While you probably know selling your best t-shirt designs online will help you secure more sales, you might not know the best way to go about it.

Building a safe website that can process payments can be tricky and expensive, and it puts a lot of responsibility on your business to uphold data security. That alone can put off plenty of people from taking the plunge.

Luckily, selling from your own website isn’t your only option. Keep scrolling to find out more about why you should sell your custom t-shirts online and what sites can help you earn your first online sale.

Why Should You Sell Your Custom T-Shirts Online?

Having an online presence just makes sense in 2021. More people than ever before are doing the bulk of their shopping from their computers or phones, and it’s not just because of recent lockdowns limiting their in-person shopping opportunities — although they certainly help!

Long before the world heard of COVID-19, people embraced ecommerce. Over the past ten years, the rate of online shopping has seen a meteoric rise as technology advances to support increasingly convenient and secure digital shopping experiences. In the US alone, ecommerce grew by 313% between 2010 and 2019, eclipsing retail’s nominal growth rate of just 43%.

If you’ve ever ordered something from Amazon, then you know just how varied the contents of online shopping carts can be. You can buy pretty much anything online — from sailboats and bedframes to groceries and, of course, the iconic t-shirt.

T-shirts will always be in style, a fashion statement worn by people of all age groups, from babies to baby boomers. And new research shows the custom t-shirt printing industry will balloon to $10 billion by 2025.

The best way you can ride that wave is by ensuring your custom t-shirts are available online before then.

The Best Places to Market and Sell Your Custom T-Shirt Designs

Several online platforms exist to streamline your business by providing you a secure site with the full support of their IT and customer service departments. These platforms take the brunt of the startup responsibilities and costs to ensure you have a safe and easy way to sell your custom clothing.

Sound familiar? Here at R&P Prints, we can’t help but see the parallels between our businesses. When you choose our wholesale t-shirt printing to help you produce bulk orders, you get more than just your printed tees.

You also tap into our supply of the top t-shirt brands (like Ash City, Haynes, New Balance), our printing equipment and expertise, free and easy shipping, and top-of-the-line service.

But enough about our silk screen printing company. Here are four ecommerce platforms to help you get started.

1. Etsy

Founded in 2005, Etsy has become one of the top sites where artisans and small business owners sell their wares. It’s a simple, intuitive site that lets you create a digital shop in their vast marketplace. All you have to do is create an Etsy profile for your business and open a shop.

At this point in time, there are 4.3 million sellers on Etsy, so your biggest challenge will be making your business stand out to browsers.

Etsy itself encourages you to use SEO best practices to ensure you’re driving traffic to your listings. That means you’ll want to invest some research into the keywords you want to target, and use them in your shop description, business bio, and product photos and descriptions.custom shirts

Credit: naypong via FreePik

2. Facebook

As a social media website, Facebook is the preferred app for Baby Boomers. However, when it comes to selling stuff online, its Facebook Marketplace is an ecommerce platform enjoyed by all ages.

Facebook Marketplace is a digitized version of the old-fashioned classified ad you read in yesteryear’s newspapers. You can make listings of your best t-shirt designs, sharing all the important details, like its price, size availability, fabric, and location.

Browsers will be able to reach out to you directly to make an offer and determine how they’ll receive their tee — whether by pick-up, drop-off, or shipping. Best of all, you’ll be able to link your listings to business’ official business page.

3. Shopify

As a fellow Canadian company, Shopify has earned some bonus points from us here at R&P Prints. While we focus on providing the best t-shirt printing in Canada, Shopify is a major player in the ecommerce world. It has more than 1.7 million business using its platform to sell a variety of merchandise and services.

In addition to giving you a platform to sell your custom t-shirts like the other platforms on this list, Shopify supports you with a full suite of services, including point-of-sales systems, marketing and customer engagement tools, customer support, business resources, web design builders, and more.

4. Instagram

Instagram is more than just your source of FOMO as you scroll through vacation photos and fitness models. It can be a great way to expose your brand to new customers by posting pictures with the hashtags that target your key demographics.

Like SEO keywords, hashtags help categorize your posts so that the right people will see them. You can also run ads that show on your target audience’s apps.

Unlike the previous options, Instagram is an excellent marketing tool, but it isn’t a sales platform. However, you can integrate your Shopify, Facebook, or Etsy page in your profile with the age-old saying, “link in bio!”

Are You Ready to Make Your First Online Sale?

Although Instagram, Shopify, Facebook, and Etsy represent some of the most popular ways to sell your custom t-shirts, they’re only a drop in the bucket of online sales platforms. You have a lot of options, so make sure you investigate the best fit for your business.

Once you have a platform in mind, get in touch with us. We’ve made bulk t-shirt printing easier than ever, so your inventory is ready for your first sale.

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3 Ways Schools Can Benefit from Custom T-Shirts and More

There are a lot of reasons why you might bulk order custom school apparel. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the top three benefits of partnering with us, R&P Prints.

As a national custom screen printing company, we make it easy to order your custom clothing throughout the school year. All you have to do is submit your logo, pick your colours and fabric, and we’ll take over everything from there.

If you still aren’t sure why you might bulk order t-shirts and other clothes, keep scrolling. With the back-to-school season on its way, now’s the perfect time to learn why you need to offer custom clothing at your school.

1. Outfit Athletic Teams and Phys Ed Classes with Uniforms

What’s the one thing all sports have in common? Why, it’s team uniforms, of course. Whether it’s a basketball, volleyball, or field hockey team, these teams require their players wear identical clothing.

Here at R&P Prints, we’ve outfitted countless intramural and extramural sports teams in affordable activewear. While some schools opt for basic cotton t-shirts, others pick wicking tech tees, baseball tees, and jerseys for their specific sport.

We also help school boards provide gym clothes for their physical education departments. Our cheap custom shirts help your school stretch the budget without sacrificing quality. Our affordable silk screening process guarantees crisp, vibrant, and comfortable results every time.

There are a few reasons why team uniforms are a must for your school.

1. Identity

For one thing, uniforms help identify your players on the field and keep them separate from their rivals. Spectators sitting on the bleachers will be able to spot their friends or children at a glance so they can cheer when they manage a breakaway.

2. Community

For another, uniforms help generate a sense of community between your players. Wearing the same thing underscores how every team member is playing for the same thing. From the star athletes to the bench warmers, every player wins, loses, and has fun together.

3. Performance

Lastly, uniforms ensure every player comes to the field or court with the same opportunities. By bulk ordering your custom sports uniforms, you’ll outfit every child with the same quality activewear — regardless of their social circumstances. Your bulk order ensures every player is wearing a uniform that improves their athletic performance.

2. Make Money Through Fundraisers

You can time the average school year by its fundraisers. Walk-a-thons, candlelight vigils, community cleanups, and more — these are just some of the big events your school might organize in an attempt to raise money for charity.

But let’s be honest — you might host these events to fundraise for school departments and extracurriculars. Fundraising is an excellent way to offset budget cuts that undermine your school’s ability to provide a well-rounded education.

Selling t-shirts can help you kick these fundraising efforts into high gear. By ordering shirts in bulk, you’ll be able to purchase these shirts at a relatively low cost and earn a bigger profit when you sell them to the community.

And when you design a shirt for school fundraisers, your community will want to rally behind your school. Students, parents, and staff are more likely to purchase a unique shirt and wear it around town. Custom shirts show people support a good cause, and they foster a sense of community.

Fundraising tees are just like team uniforms in that sense, so you’ll want to think about your design like you would a uniform. We recommend you design a shirt that commemorates your event with the following info:

  • Fundraiser or charity name
  • School name
  • A unique logo
  • Time and place
  • Sponsors, if applicable

If you like the sound of earning another revenue stream, you can get a jumpstart on t-shirt printing online by sending R&P Prints your event’s logo today.

3. Boost School Spirit Amongst Students and Staff

When most people talk about school spirit, they mean a feeling about one’s place of learning. It’s a sense of pride in the staff, student body, and the school’s academic, artistic, and athletic performances.

Morale is rather complicated to talk about when you put it that way. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to show when you make custom clothing available. Your students can wear their school spirit on their sleeves — literally!

Wearing this custom clothing can help foster a sense of pride and unity amongst your staff and students. Whether they reserve it for special events or a regular school day, everyone can feel like they belong when they wear your custom shirts, sweatpants, and outerwear.

It’s important to note that school spirit and student achievement are intrinsically connected. One study shows students who have school spirit tend to perform better academically. These students are more likely to be confident, happier, and civically engaged.

While many things go into boosting morale, offering custom t-shirts is one of the simplest ways to ignite pride and solidarity amongst your student body and faculty.

kids t shirt printing

Credit: wavebreakmedia via FreePik

4. Enhance Student Safety on School Trips

Field trips are an indispensable part of the curriculum. These excursions provide real-world learning for your students, whether it’s an afternoon spent at a museum or a weeklong trip in a foreign city. Kids get to see how their lessons apply outside the four walls of their classroom, which can help students who struggle with traditional instruction.

Although learning takes precedence on these trips, safety is a close runner-up. Students, especially young ones, can easily take a wrong turn and get separated from the group, so keeping your students safe wherever they go is the priority of your staff and chaperones.

Outfitting your students in custom t-shirts makes them stand out in a crowd, wherever they may be — from busy art galleries to bustling city streets. With a quick look for your school’s colours and logo, staff can keep an eye on their charges and make sure everyone stays together.

You can even custom order shirts with teacher names and grades to help you streamline attendance on these trips. Just give us a call to learn how we can help you organize your next field trip.

Get Your Order in Now

Classes might be out for the summer, but now’s the perfect time to think about custom t-shirt printing for your school. The fall semester is just around the corner, and students will be back on campus before you know it.

To make sure you’re prepared for the first day back, explore our website to learn more about how bulk ordering works. You can give us a call as soon as you’re ready to order team uniforms, fundraiser merch, and field trip tees.

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The 5 Most Iconic Rock Band T-Shirts of All Time

A band t-shirt is more than just the material it’s printed on; it’s a statement piece that has a massive impact on both the band and the fans.

If you’re a musician, band merchandise is the lifeblood of your tour. According to the Brag, merch sales make up 10–35 percent of the average touring artist’s total revenue. How is that possible? Think of it this way: While it would only take selling one shirt after a gig to earn $20, it would take you 4,580 streams on Spotify to earn $20.

As a fan, merch is a fun memento of seeing your favourites in concert, giving you subtle bragging rights for attending a legendary tour. Even if you didn’t manage to catch them live, your band t-shirt shows off your musical stripes to the world.

Most bands design logos that act as a cool badge of honour for a small group of fans. But only a handful of truly great designs move beyond these indie circles and become a part of popular culture. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the bands that have transcended the merch table with unforgettable designs.

We all have our favourites, including us here at R&P Printing. Over the years we’ve been t-shirt printing in Canada, we’ve helped plenty of artists — big and small — silk screen or embroider their logos onto tees, hoodies, and accessories. But we can all agree that these five iconic band shirts deserve the spotlight.

5. Guns N’ Roses — Roses and Revolvers

We’re starting our list with a bang, awarding the fifth spot to Guns N’ Roses, the American rock band headed by Axl Rose and Slash. When drummer Steven Adler sketched out the idea for this simple design in 1987, he had no idea it would become the official GNR stamp for more than 30 years.

Still used today — that’s right, GNR is back in stadiums around the world with their Not on Your Lifetime Tour — the now-iconic golden circle is their most popular design to date. The ornate symbol perfectly encapsulates the band, as the thorny stems of two red roses wrap around two old-fashioned revolvers.

4. AC/DC — The Lightning Bolt

The best designs are always unassuming. Think of the Nike swoosh or Apple’s bitten apple. They’re simple, crisp, and instantly recognizable to anyone who sees them. The same goes for any rock fan who spots AC/DC’s legendary red lightning bolt on a t-shirt.

Graphic designer Gerard Huerta created one of the most familiar logos in rock n’ roll in 1977 for the band’s Let There Be Rock album. Its title track, a story of biblical proportions about rock’s origins, inspired Huerta to use the Gothic typography first used in the Gutenberg Bible.

When it comes to this particular t-shirt design, the logo is also a clever nod to the band’s origins. Brothers Angus and Malcolm Young claimed AC/DC as their name in 1973 after seeing the initials on their sister’s sewing machine.

Short for Alternative Current and Direct Current, A.C. and D.C. refer to the different kinds of currents in a circuit. The Young Brothers thought it represented the electric energy of their music, and the rest is history.

3. The Ramones — The Presidential Seal

We’re cracking off the top three with The Ramones, who earn their spot for having sold more t-shirts than albums. That’s no dig on a band whose members are considered the grandfathers of punk-rock but a testament to how transcendent good design can be.

The legendary presidential seal was designed by honorary Ramone brother Arturo Vega in 1976. Although Vega was the band’s archivist, creative director, and the unofficial “fifth” Ramone, he was a fan first. He thought The Ramones were the all-American band despite being punk underdogs at the time, so he used the U.S. presidential seal as the basis for their logo.

Now, fashionable stores around the world silk screen tees with the seal, proudly displaying the founding members of the Ramones: DeeDee, Johnny, Tommy, and Joey. While few know the punk-rock origins of these names, there’s no denying the cultural impact their logo has made.

2. Nirvana — The Smiley Face

Our runner-up is Nirvana, the revolutionary band that helped catapult Seattle’s grunge scene onto the international stage. The yellow punch-drunk smiley face, which has ‘x’s for eyes and its tongue sticking out, is instantly recognizable — whether you’re a fan or not.

The t-shirt design has been emblematic of the band since its sophomore album Nevermind came out in 1991. Since then, it has gone onto grace bumper stickers, wallets, hoodies, toques, and more. However, there is some controversy surrounding its origins.

While many people believe frontman Kurt Cobain drew it — a claim upheld by the surviving members of the band Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic — a recent lawsuit reveals Robert Fisher, a graphic designer, may have been hired to design the logo.

The legal battle over the iconic smiley face is still ongoing, but whoever you believe, it’s clear the smiley face is one of the most popular t-shirt designs of all time.

1. Rolling Stones — The Famous Lips

And now, our top spot for the most iconic band shirt of all time goes to the Rolling Stones and their lips logo. After all, what’s more rock and roll than sticking out your tongue?

Originally appearing on the Sticky Fingers album, the iconic open mouth and lolling tongue has become the most ubiquitous band logo ever. Official and unofficial sources have gone onto silk screen tees, hats, jackets, hoodies, and posters with bright red lips.

Many people mistakenly attribute the mouth to pop artist Andy Warhol, but true fans know it was English graphic designer John Pasche who created the logo. Pasche was chosen after Mick Jagger solicited the Royal College of Art in 1970 for help creating artwork for their upcoming album.

You might also mistakenly believe the mouth was a playful reference to Jagger’s famously large lips. While this is a popular fan theory for obvious reasons, Pasche’s real inspiration was Hindi goddess Kali.

Since the 70s, the lips have been The Rolling Stones’ official logo. That’s more than half a century of staying power, which is why it earns the coveted top spot on our list.

Are You Feeling Inspired?

If you’re a band ready to make your merch dreams come true, we can help print the best custom t-shirts for when you’re back on the road touring. Our team proudly screen prints the best custom t-shirts Canada has to offer, and we offer free estimates and delivery to make the process as easy as possible.

Use our list for inspiration — remember the best designs are simple yet dynamic representations of your band. Start brainstorming ideas before you contact us for all your bulk t-shirt printing needs!

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Tips on How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business

Many people forget that clothing is a direct expression of the times. Just like art, music, and any other type of artistic endeavour, clothing symbolizes the current epoch and the societal and economic challenges and prosperities that go along with it. Try to think back over the last 40 years or so of style. What do you imagine when you think of the previous few eras of fashion?

In the 1970s, bell-bottoms, long hair, and platform shoes were all the rage among younger generations because sporting such items opposed mainstream culture. People were unhappy about situations like the Vietnam War, and dressing alternatively helped visually demonstrate their political point-of-views.

Or, how about the clothing of the 1990s? Grunge music was making a name for itself in the ’90s, with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam coming on to the scene. A whole new look started to appear among the youth of America and all over the world. Plaid flannel shirts over t-shirts, ripped jeans, old band tees — even fashion designer Marc Jacobs devoted an entire show to grunge in 1993.

While countless clothing items come to mind when thinking about cultural history, there’s one that has stood the test of time. The singular piece of clothing that has remained a staple for activists, musicians, entrepreneurs, club kids, grandparents, babies — you name it. And that item is the t-shirt.

Are you starting your own custom printed t-shirt business? You’ve made an excellent decision because they’re the perfect piece of clothing. They go with everything, and everyone, from your mom to your little cousin, loves to wear them. T-shirts will never go out of style, and you can cater to audiences of all sorts — people who wear conventional clothing or those who are a little more alternative.

We’re R & P Prints, a custom t-shirt printing in Toronto specializing in custom screen-printing and embroidery. We love helping clothing business owners achieve their goals with our products and playing an integral role in the fascinating custom clothing process.

To learn more about how to get your custom clothing business started, check out these tips.

Consider Your Audience

It’s critical to research your target audience to ensure that you’re selling to the right people and achieving brand loyalty. Are you going to cater to a specific age group? Do you have enough graphic designs to open your business with, and are they ready to wear? It’s always good practice to look at your competition to check out what styles your target audience is wearing. That way, you’ll know what’s trending in graphic design and how to build off of such looks, making your clothing designs unique and even better than what people are currently buying.

Another tip is to read everything you can get your hands on. Unless you plan to cater to a definitive group of people — for example, your company will print clothing with graphics of video game characters only — then you’ll want to keep your finger on the pulse of current Instagram and Tik Tok fashion influencers. You’ll want to know what kinds of prints are in style and which to avoid.

custom tshirt printingCredit: Francesco Paggiaro via Pexels

Make Your Marketing and Business Plans

Once you figure out whom to market your product to, it’s time to develop some professional marketing and business plans. You and your team will decide on pertinent items, such as whether to stick to selling your custom t-shirts online or if you also want to branch out to various stockists in your area. Suppose you’ve never created business and marketing plans before. In that case, it’s worth seeking guidance from other professionals in the industry to get some successful insider tips.

But generally, the first step in making your business and marketing plans is to brainstorm ideas with your team. Outline things such as how to finance the start-up of the business, the company roles, a summary of your mandate, mission, and values, what you hope to accomplish to achieve within the first three years of business, and how you’re going to approach promotion and sales.

Think about the promotional tools you’re going to use and have your marketing team create an in-depth marketing and social media strategy. Create a media list of people and outlets you’d like to reach for promotion (such as local radio stations). Once you get all of the nitty-gritty business matters out onto paper, you’ll then be able to condense the information into a proper plan for investors and patrons.

Choose a Provider

After you solidify your plans, come up with your designs, and decide on your target audience, you need to find a provider who can deliver high-quality screen-printing and clothing products, such as the beloved t-shirt. At R & P Prints, we guarantee excellent service, top-of-the-line products, and exceptional printing and embroidery services.

When you work with us, we offer a one-stop-shop for all of your custom printing needs. You can order bulk custom t-shirts for your business effortlessly from one of our representatives. We use top-quality t-shirt material and printing methods to ensure that your screen-printed clothing is safe, durable, and looks fantastic.

We also make sure that your clothing designs are completed with expertise from a style and design perspective. At R & P Prints, we help make our customers look and feel fantastic by working with top t-shirt brands such as New Balance, Ash City, Haynes, and more.

Do you have a team of graphic designers working hard to create the look you’re going for? If you don’t, there’s nothing to worry about because we have an in-house team of talented graphic designers that will work with you to deliver brilliant designs. We provide a seamless product design experience by managing your order’s design intake and production under one single facility — optimizing your experience as a customer. Everything is streamlined, from design to production to safe delivery.

While we love t-shirts, we also offer other clothing styles, so you can expand your options and sell your creative prints on everything from sweatshirts to facial masks to handbags. Once you receive your product order, you can start selling online or through your physical platform.

Be part of cultural history and create your own brand of custom clothing. If you take some time to research your audience, brainstorm with your team about the marketing and business plans, and work with a top-notch screen-printing company, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get started in the place — you’ll be having so much fun!

Screen Printing Services for All of Your Business Needs

custom screen printing toronto

Do you have a promotional event for your business coming up? Are you planning on having a booth at a local event to attract customers and promote your brand? Or maybe, do you simply need a new uniform or customized safety gear for your employees working on construction sites or in warehouses?

Well, you’ve come to the right place: R&P Prints has been providing custom screen printing to clients all over Canada from our 8000-square-foot facility in Toronto since 2007. We consider ourselves a one-stop-service with onsite designers that can help you create a custom design to screen print onto a range of apparel, including Bags & Accessories, Headwear, Outerwear, Pants, Polos, T-shirts, Shorts, Safety Wear, Hoodies, Workwear, Youth, and more!

Keep reading to find out more details about the kinds of printing options we offer for businesses.

Promotional Events

During summer and well into fall there are a number of local events that businesses can attend to promote their company and offer promotional products. Whether it’s a fair, festival, or flea market, setting up a booth to tell people more about your company is a great way to spread brand awareness and get yourself better known by the locals.

Some businesses may also host events to celebrate and promote the release of a new product, or because they hit a milestone. In whichever situation, it’s always a good idea to deck out the people running the event (or booth) in custom workwear that vividly displays your company name accompanied by an eye-catching design that attracts customers.

Coming up with a design for a t-shirt to promote an event can be challenging, but with help from our onsite designers, you don’t have to worry about a thing. They’re experienced and well-versed in design principles for a number of industries and can help you come up with a design that you will be proud of.

We host a hefty catalogue of brand names with a number of different sizes, style choices, and colours. You’re sure to find whatever it is that you may be looking for when trying to come up with items for your employees to wear.

But why stop at just getting promotional products for your team when you could create some swag to give away for free to your guests? Custom t-shirts and hats are the most popular items to give away for free to visitors when they visit your booth or attend a promotional event. Customers love these free items and will tell their friends and family about it, drawing more people’s attention your way.

T-shirt marketing is actually a highly effective strategy when it comes to attracting more customers to your business. People will be wearing your t-shirt long after your event is over and will basically become a walking ad for your company, sparking conversation with people who inquire about the shirt. Word of mouth referrals are still considered one of the most effective marketing strategies, so using this method to engage with customers is definitely worth the investment.

Safety Workwear

High-visibility safety apparel has increasingly become a more important part of workplace safety in recent years. This kind of attire is vital for employees who work in low-light and dark conditions like at a construction site. It’s also important for warehouse workers who handle heavy machinery and need to be able to be seen to avoid workplace accidents.

As an employer, you want to make sure that your employees are safe and comfortable in their workwear, and that the apparel you get for them is of a quality make. You also can’t just trust anyone to get the job done according to your specific industry needs.

At R&P Prints, we can customize safety apparel to suit a number of different industries and specific business requirements. Certified reflective apparel is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and are designed to meet the various standards designated by the CSA Group (formerly the Canadian Standards Association).

If you need to customize your apparel or have any special requests, then we can work with you to make it happen. All you need to do is give us a call and our experienced and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any question you may have. We offer free estimates, proofs, and delivery, have no setup charges, and offer affordable pricing with options for bulk orders.

Quality Silk Screen Printing

At R&P Prints, we use a traditional silk screen printing method that utilizes the latest technologies of both manual and automatic equipment. The way it works is that a mesh screen transfers ink a variety of different surfaces except in areas where the ink is blocked by a stencil. Several stencils (or screens) are used to apply each individual colour required one at a time. The ink is applied in thick layers with a blade or squeegee that is moved over the screen to fill openings in the mesh. A reverse stroke is then used to wet the fabric with ink as the screen springs back after the blade passes through. Traditionally silk was used for the mesh but nowadays nylon is more common.

This labour-intensive method is used to create long-lasting, vivid prints that can’t be replicated by any other method. Our printers are masters of their technique and we pride ourselves in the work that we do. You won’t find any other printer who produces such rich, clean work that is long-lasting and made with the finest apparel.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end at the quality of our products. We always aim to provide exceptional customer service in everything we do: from our prices to our flexibility, to our dedication to delivering products in a timely manner and within your desired schedule.

Still not sure? Contact us today and find out why our customers love us and keep coming back for all of their printing needs. There’s no obligation to use our services, even after a full consultation, so you really have nothing to lose!

5 Examples of When You Might Need Wholesale Custom Tees

custom tshirt uniformsT-shirts are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of different situations. It helps that they are the perfect means to display a graphic of text or an image, and that they are easy to screen print onto. At R&P Prints, we offer wholesale custom t-shirts at affordable rates for retail and non-retail businesses, as well as other organizations who benefit from wholesale purchasing.

We offer a huge selection of popular brands, styles, sizes, and colours to choose from – and it’s not just limited to t-shirts. We also carry headwear, outerwear, polos, bags and accessories, hoodies, and many more, that can all be customized using state-of-the-art manual and automatic screen printing equipment. Check out our gallery to see how many options we have – you’re sure to find whatever it is that you might be looking for!

When you choose to work with us for your wholesale t-shirt printing needs in Canada, you will receive a free estimate and free delivery – we also don’t charge for setup fees. We are committed to providing custom printing services at prices that beat out our competition time and time again to ensure customer satisfaction that keeps our clients coming back for our services.

Who Orders Wholesale T-Shirts?

What kind of clients do we get, and when is it beneficial to order in bulk at wholesale prices instead of individually? Let’s take a look.

Camp Organizers

Whether you’re running a day camp or summer camp, there are a number of reasons why you may need to bulk order t-shirts. The most obvious is that camp organizers, counsellors, and volunteers, should have a t-shirt that identifies themselves as members of staff that children can go to for assistance and guidance. These t-shirts can include the staff member’s and your organization’s name, the year, as well as the position they occupy. Doing this ensures that you can quickly identify your staff and also offers a level of legitimacy to your organization, increasing trust between yourself and your clients.

The second reason you may want custom t-shirts is for the children attending your camp. Not only do t-shirts make great souvenirs to take away after the experience is over, but they also help staff easily identify their charges, especially when out in public.

While t-shirts are a popular choice for camp-goers, there are also baseball caps, sweatshirts, and hoodies. When everyone is wearing your camp swag they’ll feel more connected and like a team, and the apparel will be kept for years to come as keepsakes.

Artists and Social Media Personalities

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for artists and social media personalities to make money is to order custom merchandise for their fans to buy. For many YouTubers and Instagram personalities, ad revenue isn’t enough to make a living, which is why they turn to selling merchandise instead.

With our affordable, wholesale prices, it’s easy for social influencers to make bulk orders that will return a profit for them. Our prints are vivid, long-lasting, and done on quality apparel that will keep your fans wanting more. Order a range of apparel in different colours and sizes, and you’ll be prepared to meet the demand of your fans who want to support you and also be an official member of your group.

Not sure what kind of designs to use on your merchandise? It’s not hard to create attractive merch when working with R&P Prints’ onsite designers who are highly skilled and experienced. They’ll be able to help you create a perfect design that matches your brand and is a hit with your audience.

If you’re a professional artist, you may not need the help of our onsite designers, but you can rest assured that your art will come out vividly and beautifully on our quality apparel. Many admirers of your work may be hesitant to buy your art prints because the cost of framing them can be high, or perhaps because they don’t have any wall space to hang it. Custom apparel, on the other hand, is more affordable and an easier way to enjoy your art, especially when on the go.


There are a number of reasons why a business might be looking to order custom t-shirts in bulk. They may have a promotional event coming up and need shirts for their employees hosting it, as well as swag to give away for free to guests. They may be trying out a t-shirt marketing campaign, or have a booth at a local festival where they will be able to directly connect with the public and promote their brand.

In other cases, a company may be looking for custom t-shirts for resale purposes. Whatever the situation, R&P Prints should be your go-to when it comes to bulk ordering custom apparel. We are the best in the business with a reputation for success across Canada. With fast turnarounds, you don’t have to worry about getting your order on time, and we are always willing to accommodate any special requests. Whether you want your order delivered or if you’d like to pick it up, we can make it happen.

Made to Last

Our screen printing technique is flawless, creating vivid results that are made to last no matter how many washes they go through, even if a kid gets it dirty during their time at camp! With R&P Prints, you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality products all at an affordable price. Our company is built on transparency and trust, and we are always available for any questions you might have.

Ordering with us is easy and hassle-free. Either make a request via our website by filling out our online form or give us a call at 1-877-646-5111. Experience the difference when working with us and find out how we outclass our competitors in every aspect. We are constantly finding ways to improve our services and aim to make every experience one that our customers walk away from completely satisfied with.

So the next time you are looking to purchase wholesale t-shirts or make a bulk order, contact us so that you know you are getting the best in the industry!

Show the World How Much You Love Your Pets with a Custom T Shirt

August is pet month, with International Cat Day on August 8 and National Dog Day on August 26. It’s a time to celebrate our furry friends and the companionship they give us in our daily lives. We can also recognize the efforts of working dogs like the ones who work with law enforcement, help people with disabilities, or the canines that take part in search and rescues. Although a cat with an official job is rare, they are still great and loyal pets, just like the 13-year old cat named Baby who heroically saved her family from a fire.

There are lots of ways to celebrate International Cat Day and National Dog Day: whether it’s taking the time to give your pet a treat, giving them a big hug, or taking them on a special outing. You could also volunteer at your local shelter, or help spread awareness about dogs and cats in need (there are plenty out there). But at the end of the day, it’s all about appreciation and the awareness of how special these creatures are to us.

Custom T Shirts Toronto

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

What better way to show the world how much you love your pets than to have your own custom t shirt made honouring them? R&P Prints does silk screen printing in Toronto and we’ve worked with a number of clients to create fantastic prints on quality apparel. Whether you’re looking to get a picture of your pet printed on your shirt, a custom graphic design, or some lettering with a message, we got you covered.

If you don’t have a firm idea of what you want, our onsite graphic designers are ready to help you come up with an awesome design that is completely unique and a reflection of you. We provide free proofs and free consultation, so there’s really no reason not to contact us and see what kind of idea we can come up with. But we’re confident that you will like what you see, and that you’ll be impressed by our talented, professional, and dedicated team of associates who work with you every step of the way.

That’s because our business is centered on providing a great customer experience partnered with quality products. Client convenience is our top priority; we offer:

  • Extended business hours
  • Free estimates
  • Free Delivery
  • No setup fees
  • Onsite graphic designers
  • Live chat with our experienced representatives
  • Fast turn around time with the best prices in Canada, guaranteed

Our team is ready to work with you to create a budget and deadline that’s perfect for you – we will even meet with you in person at your preferred location. Everything we do is with your best interests in mind, which is why we have a strong reputation in Canada and have come to be relied on by a number of organizations. Visit our blog to learn more about our passion for great customer service.

Event Planning

Are you a volunteer organizer who is dedicated to helping cats and dogs in your area? Do you have a special event coming up, like a fundraiser or organized adoption day? Graphic tees are a great way to promote your event, as well as help visitors identify your volunteers. We provide bulk silk screen printing at exceptional rates and will work with you to ensure that you get the apparel you need on time and on budget.

Typical designs for a volunteer t shirt include the name of the organization you work for and your sponsors on the back. At R&P Prints, we’ve fulfilled a number of orders for non-profits and are experienced with designing and printing t shirts to accommodate any request.

Our state of the art manual and automatic equipment creates beautiful prints, every time, on a number of different kinds of apparel. We are experienced with the dos and don’ts of screen printing and create beautiful, vivid prints that never fail to impress.

We also have built great relationships with some of the best vendors in the business (American Apparel, Gildan, Hanes, Bella, Alo, Jerico, and more) so that we can provide comfortable clothing that is made with the highest quality material. Because of this we are constantly updated with the best products and services in the industry to serve our amazing customers.

Screen printing can be done on a number of different kinds of apparel, including:

  • Activewear
  • Outerwear
  • Workwear
  • Bags and accessories
  • Fleece
  • Headwear
  • Pants, sweatpants, and shorts
  • Shirts and t shirts
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Youth

We have so many options to choose from that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Custom T Shirts Toronto

T Shirts for Visitors

You can also design t shirts to give away at your event: either offer them up for sale, for a donation, or give them away for free. Providing t shirts at your event is a great incentive to get people to come by and take part in the activities, and it’s also an effective means of marketing your non-profit to the community. With people wearing your t shirt you can spread the message of your work and share with others your passion for helping animals in need. It may even get others interested in volunteering or donating to your organization – you’d be surprised to learn how effective t shirt marketing actually is.

The key is to create a catchy t shirt design that will draw the attention of everyone who sees it, and that’s where we come in. Don’t settle for a low quality design that will get overlooked – leave it to the professionals who know what makes a good t shirt design. R&P Prints will make sure that you walk away with eye-catching, quality apparel that will draw attention from onlookers and spark conversation.

Contact Us to Learn More

Whether you want to get a custom tee to celebrate your pets, or if you’re a volunteer organizer that needs to get prints for an upcoming event, don’t hesitate to reach out. R&P Prints has everything you need and more to celebrate our furry companions.

Remembering Woodstock 50 Years Later

It was 50 years ago that more than 400,000 people gathered together for “3 Days of Peace & Music” in what would go down in history as “Woodstock.” The iconic music festival took place from August 15 to 18 on Max Yasgur’s 600-acre dairy farm that was actually 70 km (43 miles) southwest of the town Woodstock. Though incredibly disorganized, the founders somehow managed to pull off an event that became known as a pivotal moment in popular music history. A number of performers made a name for themselves at the festival, like Santana, Ten Years After, and Sha Na Na, and many others like Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and The Who boosted their fame and popularity for being associated with the event.

But Woodstock was more than just about music – it was about a generation of youth who wanted to rise up against ‘the establishment’ and fight a government that they considered to be corrupt (often referred to as the counterculture movement). They advocated for peace and love and saw Woodstock as an opportunity to gather together in a celebration of unity and harmony in spite of the world around them.

custom tshirt printing toronto

To this day, Woodstock has become synonymous with hippie culture, and people young and old look back at it fondly (whether they actually attended or not). Woodstock 50 is planned for August 15 to 18 this year in the hopes of rekindling the magic and giving today’s youth an opportunity to celebrate music and harmony as well.

Get Yourself a Woodstock Tee

Whether you plan on attending or not, you can find your own Woodstock spirit with a custom t shirt printed at R&P Prints. We provide screen printing services that create vivid and beautiful results. Why settle for a run-of-the mill t shirt that gets printed in the hundreds when you can have a truly unique shirt that no one else will have?

The graphic tee, much like Woodstock, is a product of a time when people were looking to express themselves and subvert expectations. People used their t shirts to send a message, whether it was to protest war, advocate for civil rights, or to simply tell the world who their favourite band was. It saw peek popularity in the 70s and became heavily associated with cultural movements.

Music and the graphic tee continue to go hand-in-hand as a number of people like to show off their favourite musicians and bands on their t shirt. But it seems to have strayed a little from the original intention: nowadays large corporations try to cash in on the popularity of the t shirt by mass producing apparel related to popular music. It’s a little difficult to ‘rise up’ against capitalism when you’re giving money to the big wigs – which is definitely what no one would have wanted at Woodstock!

That’s why you need to get your own Woodstock custom t shirt from a small business that has your best interests in mind. R&P Prints has been doing screen printing in Canada since 2007 and has built up a strong reputation for providing quality screen printing on a number of different kinds of apparel. We provide free consultations and free proofs so that you always get exactly what you want and walk away completely satisfied with your experience.

What We Do

If you want the best looking Woodstock t shirt then you need to come to R&P Prints where we use state of the art manual and automatic equipment to silk screen print designs onto high quality clothing made from popular brands like American Apparel, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, New Balance, Team 365, and more.

What is silk screen printing? It’s a technique used to transfer ink onto flat surfaces that involves forcing ink through a screen with a stencil to block certain parts from getting inked. Screen printing creates vivid results making it a preferable method of printing. It’s also incredibly versatile as it works well on a variety of material and thus can be used to create prints on a number of products. Another advantage of screen printing is that it is durable and can handle multiple washes without fading and cracking.

You may be more familiar with vinyl printing, though, which is often known as vinyl heat transfer. It involves a machine that cuts out designs and letters on coloured vinyl that is then heat pressed onto a piece of clothing.

When it comes to vinyl screen printing vs screen printing there’s no question which is better, and that’s silk screen printing. That’s because it lasts longer, is less prone to fading, and is better for creating more detailed work. It also comes in a larger range of colours which are more vivid and rich in tone. Silk screen printing is also more versatile, allowing for printing on a variety of surfaces like glass, ceramic, or plastics, as well as in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s also more ideal for bulk orders, as vinyl is only suitable for small runs of up to 1 to 12 items.

Celebrate Woodstock with R&P Prints

Get the best silk screen printing services in Toronto when you visit our store. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything you need when it comes to custom printing. We have onsite designers who are ready to help you come up with the perfect design, and everything is printed onsite by our experienced printers. Our motto is to provide exceptional customer service that revolves around offering convenience for our clients. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your deadlines are met and that you are within your budget.

So if you’re all about the Woodstock hype and are looking to celebrate one of the biggest musical celebrations in modern history, then make sure you contact us so that we can make your t shirt right away. Even if you miss the event, there’s always a reason to a have your very own custom tee that reminds you of everything that Woodstock stood for: freedom, love, harmony, and rebellion.

custom tshirts toronto

Show Your TO Love this Summer With Custom T Shirts!

This year on June 13, Toronto exploded into celebration as the Toronto Raptors made NBA history by being the first Canadian team to win the championship. The road was hard and long-fought, but finally in Game 6 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, the Raptors ended the neck-and-neck matchup 114-100. Celebrations continued on into the weekend and Monday as well, when the city held it’s very own Parade celebrating the Raptors. Fans poured out from far and wide, and it was hard to find someone who wasn’t dressed for the occasion.

Even non-natives of the Toronto area were sporting Toronto Raptor jerseys, t shirts, baseball caps, and more. There was truly a sense of unity among everyone, including congratulations and well-wishes from the losing team, the Warriors, and their fans.

With Canada Day marking the beginning of July, it’s never been a better time to be Canadian. People across the country are experiencing a high off the Raptors’ win, and chants of ‘We the North’ are continuously being echoed across the nation. Everyone is showing their pride for being Canadian, and it’s sure to carry on all summer long.

Don’t Let That Feeling End

As we work our way into summer, the great vibes will continue with a number of great events being hosted across the city. Buzz over the Raptors win is sure to stay strong, and a number of people will still be showing off their Toronto pride with Raptors clothing and accessories.

If you want to join in on the fun and show how much you love your city, why not get yourself your own custom t shirt that either shows you’re a fan of the Raptors or of Toronto? R&P Prints offers t shirt printing in Toronto that is easy, affordable, and of quality make. Check out our online catalogue where you can search through all the brands we work with (like Gildan, Hanes, American Apparel, Fruit of the Loom, Bella, Alo, and Nike Golf) for the perfect apparel.

You can get your custom clothing in a variety of colours and styles, including:

  • T shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Bags and accessories
  • Polos
  • Tank-tops
  • Shorts and legwear
  • Headwear (toques and baseball caps)
  • Outerwear
  • Youth wear

With R&P Prints you can create any kind of custom clothing for yourself that shows off your love of Toronto. Whether it’s a print of the city skyline, Toronto Raptors logo, or text that says ‘We the North,’ you can get something that will keep you pumped and eager to explore the city all summer long. And don’t forget those cold nights either – consider custom hoodies to keep you warm on a night out exploring the city.

Why We Love Toronto

Our company is based out of an 8,000-square-foot facility in Toronto and we’ve been in the business since 2007. There’s no other city that we would rather be in and operate from, even though we service a number of Canada’s major cities including Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Calgary.

Toronto is a vibrant city full of a diverse amount of people, and the place is constantly abuzz with events like food festivals and concerts. The music scene here is rich with a number of talented musicians and bands playing in local venues and during events like the Beaches International Jazz Festival (which runs from July 5 to 28th this year – be sure to check it out).

In fact, you might just run into one of our clients during your adventures in the city – we supply custom t shirts and other apparel for bands, concerts, and small businesses that have booths at events or are doing promotions. With the ability to print up to 13 colours on just about any garment, we are able to offer vibrant prints that add to the character of the city, and help our clients stand out among the crowd.

You Can Stand Out Too

Are you looking for your own unique look, or are you not really fond of the options available for Raptors or Toronto-themed t shirts and other apparel that’s currently available? You’re not alone. A number of people come to us who are looking for custom t shirts that help them stand out from everyone else. Show everyone that you’re a true fan by coming up with your own design. Read our tips for designing your custom t shirts or you can even ask one of on-site graphic designers to help you come up with a cool design that’s perfectly unique to you and your style.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, why not try out our free custom t shirt designer software that lets you plan out a t shirt through your web browser? We also have an app that you can download through the App Store and use on iOS devices like your iPad. With this application you’ll be able to:

  • Draw on the front and back
  • Choose from a variety of popular fonts
  • Select a number of different colours
  • Save in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats
  • Create designs from text, images, and simple shapes

After making your design, you can select what size you want it in and the quantity. From there, click ‘Request Estimate’ and we will get back to you with affordable pricing options. If at any point you have any questions or experience any issues, we also offer Live Support which is available through online chat. Our representatives would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Best Prices in Canada

When you choose us for custom t shirt printing in Toronto, you’ll get free estimates, free delivery, no set up fees, and the lowest prices in Canada, guaranteed. That’s because R&P Prints is committed to providing exceptional customer service that’s built on quality work with quick turnaround times. We differentiate ourselves from other companies by continuously seeking ways to improve, innovate, and ultimately provide the best quality silk screen printing services for our clients.

So if you want to celebrate your city in your own, unique way, then give us a call so that we can custom design the perfect apparel for you.