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When Can You Use Custom T Shirts?

There’s nothing like that trusty, comfortable t-shirt that you can’t wait to put on once your laundry’s done. You probably have your own collection of t-shirts that you’ve accumulated over the years from concerts, sporting events, and company outings, and they probably have sentimental value to you.

So why not make your own custom t-shirts to get that comfortable feeling with a design you love? When you find reliable t-shirt printing services in Montreal or any place that you’re looking for custom printing services, you have a whole host of options for making custom apparel. Here’s how you can customize your own clothing and some ideas for the events that could call for unique t-shirts.

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How to Customize

If you’re just starting to look into ways to customize clothing then you might not know what the difference is between screen printing and embroidery. There are two techniques to customizing clothing in the embellishment industry with some key differences between them. If you’re customizing clothing with screen printing techniques then the ink will be applied to the clothing (or accessory if you’re customizing tote bags, for example) to create a finished image.

With embroidery, the thread is stitched into the pattern or lettering of the apparel which means the logos or patterns may have to be altered into something the thread can accurately represent.

Screen Printing vs. Embroidery

Not sure when you should use one customizing technique versus the other? Screen printing is the best solution for creating detailed logos with different effects and rich colours. Embroidery can create a very clean and professional look but works best for smaller logos and is typically more expensive than screen printing. Embroidery is good for golf shirts, jackets, hats, and corporate wear.

Party Time

A party shirt makes everyone who wears it feel like a member of an exclusive group and it really puts a special stamp on the party photos. If you’re looking for t-shirt printing experts in Toronto, or elsewhere in Canada, you just need to have a minimum order of 12 shirts to go forward with an order with R&P Prints. If you’re not sure about how to place an order or want an update on what you’ve ordered already, you can call us anytime for support.

An awesome party t-shirt gives everyone at the event a sense of community and acts as a badge of honour for all who attend the event. Use your discretion — you might not need custom t-shirts for a standard house party, but you can use custom clothing to celebrate milestone birthdays, family reunions, or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Bands and Musicians

Band t-shirts and other branded merchandise is an excellent way for musical acts to spread the word about their music in unique, creative ways. You can use custom t-shirts to give your music and your band a recognizable image and to build a connection with your audiences.

Clubs & Organizations

You’re lucky enough to be a part of a club with other people who have shared interests and hobbies. What comes next? You’d like to wear matching shirts, naturally. Design custom apparel for your club or organization to give yourselves something fun to wear and a memento of the good times you spend together. It’s easy to get custom clothing, it’s having a reason to make it and a great design that’s the hard part.

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T Shirt Design Competitions to Get You Excited

Scroll through Etsy or Pinterest and you’ll find all sorts of independent t-shirt designs and t-shirt styles from artists and illustrators from all over the world. For those who turn to t-shirt printing as a creative outlet, there is plenty of opportunities to turn that outlet into a business model by selling your creations.

tshirt design competitions

Why Go Custom?

You don’t always have to create custom clothing with the intention of selling it, though. There are plenty of reasons to look for screen printing in Toronto to create unique customized apparel and accessories: maybe you’re an employer looking for staff uniforms, maybe you want custom t-shirts for an upcoming bachelorette party, or maybe you run a sports club and need team shirts for your players. For those who really like to take t-shirt designs to the next level with creative and detailed prints, entering a t-shirt design competition can be just the thing to get your name out there and get a sense of what other aspiring designers are doing.

Competitions Can Earn You Cash

Artists, illustrators, and designers know that it’s no easy market out there for a creative type looking to make their mark. A big part of making it as an artist will boil down to whether or not you can turn your art into a living, the starving artist cliché isn’t actually fun for anybody. At R&P Prints, we offer t-shirt printing services in Ottawa and all over the country, so it’s easy to take your designs from sketch to t-shirt. Entering a competition with your designs, however, can be a great way to earn some cash while building awareness for your art.

  1. FESPA

FESPA is a yearly conference about garment decoration and textile printing technology that hosts a contest every year to design the conference’s official t-shirt. Designers of custom t-shirts in Toronto or elsewhere can participate in this competition and the only rule is that the design must include one of the conference’s logos images. As a winner, you will receive cash prizes and the bragging rights of having designed the central garment of a conference all about garments.

  1. APCO

The APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo is the premier event for public safety communications officials and they hold a yearly t-shirt design contest that asks its entrants to uniquely incorporate the organization and the host city. The winner gets free registration in the next year’s conference and recognition on the APCO’s website, e-mails, and social media.

  1. Threadless

Threadless started out as a t-shirt company that has since grown into a full lineup of apparel, décor, footwear, and accessories. As a creative company, they’re always looking to build connections with creative minds out there and they host all sorts of themed design challenges to engage artists where the winning design can end up being sold as a product on the website and the artist ends up making a pretty penny from the deal.

The Final Word

When getting your designs out there, there’s nothing to lose by being a little edgy and really creating something special to make yourself stand out. Whether you go for complex designs or simple patterns, what really matters is that you make a memorable and eye-catching pattern. By competing in design contests, you can test your skills and start to build a network of recognition. Happy designing!

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How to Set Up an Awesome Merch Table

You can be a huge headliner playing regularly at concert halls or you can be a group that mostly plays coffee shops. Either way, you have a band and you want merchandise to promote yourself. Between booking gigs, rehearsing, promoting shows, and getting to the venue, having an awesome merch table at your shows might seem like an afterthought.

merch table

Even if you’re not incredibly gung-ho about selling custom apparel like t-shirts, custom sweatshirts, or tote bags after the show, you recognize the importance of branding and promotion so you know that merch is an important component of your live shows. You have plenty to worry about when it comes to performing. You’re thinking about attendance, the setlist, you want to get along with the technicians and venue owner… worrying about merch shouldn’t be an added stress.

Clear Signage

You have to have big, clear signage to broadcast what you’re selling and the prices. For someone taking a glance at the merchandise you’re selling, there’s no fun in guesswork. If you’re selling custom t-shirts in Toronto with a band logo that you put lots of work into, then make sure people know the price and sizes available.

Have Someone Work the Table

If you’re looking for custom t-shirts in Montreal and elsewhere will have plenty of options for you to choose from. So it’s important to find a reliable provider that will give you what you need and on schedule for show day. After all, what’s the use of ordering custom shirts to promote your band if they’re going to arrive after the show? Once you’ve got your shirts to the show, you need to have someone at the table at all times. With a friendly face working the table and building connections with your audience, you build a good atmosphere at your shows. The person working the table can even help you build an e-mail list to stay in touch with your fans by getting visitors to leave their addresses.

Pick a Good Spot

Depending on where you’re playing your show you might not have plenty of choices when it comes to where you can set up your table of goods. Still, it’s important to pick a spot to set up where everyone in the venue can see it. You might have to negotiate with the venue if what’s convenient isn’t exactly what’s most visible, but at the end of the day, you need eyes on your products.

Have Cash on Hand

This may seem counterintuitive, after all, the point of the merch table is to make money. Still, you have to go into the arrangement ready with a change in bills and coins to get shopping ready. You don’t want to be in the position of having a great conversation with a buyer than having to run to the bar or even to the bank to have the right change for their purchase.


Sure, there are plenty of tips and tricks to branding and promoting your band and you want to make the most of every opportunity you have to get the word out there. If you follow the merch table basics outlined here, then you won’t have to stress too much while working your event and you can enjoy yourself. Remember, it’s important to build connections with your audience and make every sale count. Have fun!


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Check Out These 3 Top T Shirt Blogs

There are plenty of reasons to look around for inspiration when it comes to making your own customized apparel. Whether you are looking to make customized clothing for your employees, your family & friends, or for others to enjoy your exciting designs, inspiration is key.

custom shirts

Some T-Shirt Style Ideas

You can read other t-shirt blogs to learn about the popular styles, designs, and fabric types that others are using to make their fashionable shirts. If you are someone who looks for ways to make custom t-shirts in Ottawa or elsewhere for your own online store, then it’s important to know what’s trending in the world of t-shirt fashion.

T-Shirt Trends

You might have seen friends or just stylish people out in the streets wearing t-shirts with funny slogans, eye-catching logos, or other interesting images. Want to know how you can make your own? Here’s a list of some of the current custom t-shirt design trends:

  • “Keep Calm” slogan shirts
  • Girl power slogan shirts
  • Birthday shirts (with the date printed on them)
  • Pro-feminism shirts

Custom t-shirts are comfortable, stylish, and they let you make a fun statement about your personality. For aspiring apparel creators, starting out with quirky t-shirts to get the attention of a popular t-shirt blog can be just the way to get your brand off the ground.

T-Shirt Blogging

Blogs, in general, are excellent ways for organizations to build connections with their customers while offering valuable information that anyone might find helpful. Good blogs are informative, engaging, and they serve to grow an organization’s reach. The tone can be serious, humorous, edgy, or flirty depending on the content and the organization.

Typically, a blog is a casual way to approach customers and teach them something new while entertaining them. There are blogs for everything, including the world of t-shirt designs and trends. If you’re interested in custom t-shirts in Toronto and want to know what else is out there, here are some popular t-shirt blogs that discuss pop culture, reviews, popular brands, and more.

  1. Compete-tee-tion

This blog should be of special interest for those designers who make their own custom shirts in Toronto and in other parts of the country. It hosts t-shirts contests and shares information about the latest contests and the participants. Taking part in these contests lets you measure your creative edge while also allowing you to make a little cash along the way.

  1. Fancy T-Shirts

The Fancy T-Shirts blog focuses on highly detailed designs with special emphasis on the t-shirts themselves. The blog reviews indie designs and can give anyone a crash course in some of the best t-shirt design and designers.

  1. Pop Culture Tees

The Pop Culture Tees blog has a slightly edgy voice but it covers a wide variety of t-shirts: cartoon t-shirts, fun t-shirts, goth t-shirts, retro t-shirts, typography t-shirts, video game t-shirts, and much more. This blog is mainly centred on pop culture and features some of the best garments that address current issues.


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Get in the Festive Spirit Year-Round with Custom Apparel

The end of the calendar year means many things for many people. Maybe you’re hastily trying to meet your new year’s resolutions, maybe you’re preparing to fly off for a well-deserved vacation, and maybe you’re getting ready for the holiday season.

The holiday season comes with its own set of pressures and obligations. But before you get too hung up on the details of what snacks to serve at the office party, take some time to explore the possibilities of custom printed t-shirts and other items like bags and accessories from R&P Prints. You can take advantage of the ease and reliability of bulk t-shirt printing from a reliable t-shirt company to create festive designs for all seasons of the year.

custom christmas shirt

Does Spirit Really Matter?

For business owners looking to effectively manage and positively encourage their employees, paying attention to the festive time of year can have positive benefits on morale and overall spirit among staff. When you start looking to get custom shirts in Toronto or if you’re looking for t-shirt printing services in Winnipeg, setting some time to think about small ways to customize your clothing according to different holidays can be a fun way to attract attention to your company or brand.

You can modify your custom work shirts with a little bit of seasonal flair to unite your team and bring a little bit of cheer to the workplace. Don’t go all out — the point is to be festive and showcase your company’s fun side for teambuilding purposes, not to compromise your image or creating designs without any longevity.

What to Celebrate

Your team likely comes from a diverse background and you want to celebrate that diversity when making festive custom apparel. The winter holidays bring about them all sorts of reasons to celebrate. You can participate in Christmas celebrations or just general winter festivities that include everyone’s religious affiliations.

Say your office is holding an end-of-year party. In order to give everyone something to talk about at the party and to give your employees a small gift, you can make a holiday design for printing on t-shirts or sweaters. Fun, stylish designs on quality garments will look great on your staff for those photo opportunities that you can then use for promotion on social media to bring awareness to your company. And it doesn’t have to just be shirts or clothing, you can have designs printed on accessories like hats and scarves, or you can have a design on tote bags that you could fill with another token of appreciation for your staff.

 The Clothing You Keep

People love holiday rituals, it gives us a reason to commune with friends and family over tradition. If you make your designs that pay homage to different holiday seasons in tasteful, memorable ways, you can make garments that your wearers will want to keep to celebrate holidays for years to come.

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Canadian-Inspired Apparel Solutions For Wintery Occasions

With some minor exceptions given to the beachy west coast, people throughout the country of Canada know that when it comes to winter, preparedness is key. For those looking for custom clothing solutions, looking for screen printing services across Canada could be just the thing to spark your imagination in order to come up with creative clothing solutions for all seasons.

Think Outside Of The T-Shirt Box

T-shirt printing is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for customized clothing and accessories. Think of it this way: you start out looking for a t-shirt printing company in Winnipeg, then you find yourself scrolling through an online provider, you start browsing the large selection of customizable clothing and accessory options, and then, Eureka, you’ve got a new idea for a great customized apparel design.

Planning around the seasons of the year, especially the long Canadian winters, helps keep you and your business on trend by making sure you’ve got a range of clothing options that people will want to wear all year apparel

Stay Warm

It’s no secret that Canadian winters can be tough. So much of the country occupies great, Northern expanses and Canada certainly has a reputation for having world-class winters. Still, Canadians know what to expect during the winter months. We’ve come up with plenty of ways to enjoy the winter months and to stay warm while doing it.

Keep Cozy In A Hoodie

Montreal, for instance, is known for its great food, European charm, and cold, cold winters. Having the right winter attire is incredibly important for this city, and one garment that can help keep out the cold is the hoodie.

If you’re looking for the best place for custom hoodies in Montreal then you don’t need to look farther than an online supplier that lets you put your design of choice on a wide variety of hooded sweater. Fleece hoodies with custom embroidery can promote your business while giving a little nod to the cold temperatures of the Great White North.

Artful Accessories

As a trustworthy online provider of custom clothing, R&P Prints also offers more than just apparel. For those looking for something a little different, the wide variety of bags and accessories available to order means you can get creative with your customizable textiles.

A knit beanie (or toque) can be easily customized to showcase your company’s logo or, for those who like to get outside during the colder months, the name of your running club or hockey team. You can customize scarves, duffel bags, touchscreen-friendly gloves, and more!

Customize Your Clothing

Canadians have come up with endless ways to make the most of the winter months, why not take your custom apparel to the next level and meet the needs of chilly Canucks? You can even play to the popular Canadiana style with shades of red, denim (a nod to the Canadian tuxedo), fleece options, insulated gear, and more.

There’s nothing like a unique design on a practical, fun-to-wear garment to promote your business and give the wearer an exciting excuse to spread the word about your brand.


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A Guide To Popular T Shirt Styles For Your Apparel Needs

So, you’re looking to create some custom apparel. Whether it be for a small business, for an event, or simply to show some school spirit, finding a reliable and expert provider for custom clothing is the first step in making your vision into a reality. Perhaps you’re looking for t-shirt printing services in Montreal, or maybe you’re looking for custom apparel in Vancouver.

No matter the location, everyone can benefit from a lesson in fashion every now and then. Here’s a guide to some popular t-shirt styles that you may want to use for your custom apparel needs. Want to learn more? Ready to place an order? You can call us anytime at R&P Prints for a helping hand in your custom clothing endeavours.

popular tshirts

Scoop Neck Tees

The scoop neck style of shirt gets its distinctive look from its neckline. With a rounded, wider and lower neckline than a regular tee, a scoop neck shirt has more of a silhouette than a plain crew neck and is more commonly found in women’s styles. For companies looking for t-shirt printing services in Toronto for their branded apparel, a scoop neck is an excellent solution for shirts with a hint of sophistication.

Compression T-Shirt

Named for its tight fit, compression shirts give the wearer a feeling of being strapped in and ready for action. These shirts, aside from showing off the wearer’s physique, are popular for activewear because they are comfortable, allow for broad movement, and wick sweat away from the skin.

The All Sports compression t-shirt, for instance, is a polyester-spandex blend with dry-wicking, antimicrobial StretchFlex technology. These shirts are great for athletes of all levels and can make anyone look and feel like a pro.

Tie-Dye Shirt

Largely known for its popularity in American culture during the 1960s, the tie-dye shirt actually has a history that reaches way back to the years 500-810 AD where some of the first examples of tie-dye colouring techniques were found. Tie-dye shirts get their distinctive patterns from a process of tying, pleating, folding, or crumpling the fabric before applying different dyes, and these techniques have been used all over the world for many years.

Today these shirts are commonly associated with lighthearted, psychedelic culture. Making tie-dye shirts is a popular activity that encourages creativity in people of all ages. A tie-dye shirt would make a great solution for anyone looking for something creative and eye-catching in their custom apparel.

Raglan T-Shirt

The raglan t-shirt style all comes down to the sleeves. In a raglan shirt, the sleeve extends in one piece down from the collar, creating a diagonal seam that runs from the collarbone to the underarm. When made up of two colours — one for the torso and another for the sleeves — a raglan t-shirt gives off a stylish and athletic look.

Interestingly enough, the name “raglan” has a regal history— the raglan sleeve is named after the first Baron Raglan who was said to have adopted this style of the sleeve after losing an arm in the battle of Waterloo. The sleeve is known for allowing more arm movement for the wearer, which is why this style of shirt has been popularly adopted as undershirts for Major League Baseball players.

What Makes A Great T Shirt Design?

Creative types like designers and illustrators are right in their element when it comes to t-shirt design. But you do not have to be a professional to come up with an eye-catching and memorable design for your custom clothing needs. There are many benefits to designing your own clothing: personalized shirts on staff members can help give your business a professional look, custom t-shirts for an event of conference help make your affair memorable, and having a band name on shirts is a great way for musicians to spread the word about their act.

customized shirts

A Blank Canvas

With so many possibilities and easy-to-use design upload tools with ordering custom clothing online, getting your design on a shirt is the easy part. What’s a little trickier is going through the process of coming up with a t-shirt design. The good news is that there are some simple rules to follow that can make sure your design reflects your brand and vision while looking good on your wearers.

Start With A Concept

Before you get too hung up on fonts or images, you need to spend some time figuring out what it is you want your shirt to reflect. Look to some of our favourite books, movies, music, and art to get inspired. Do a brainstorm activity, take a walk, and sketch out some designs in a notebook without taking it all too seriously. Think about your options and get feedback from people you trust before settling on the right concept for your t-shirt.

Simplicity Matters

Especially when your business’s reputation is on the line, you’re likely going to want to convey as much detail as possible. But think to some of the most iconic logos and designs you may have seen: big name brands know the importance of simplicity.

One of the hardest things to do as a designer is making the biggest impact through the simplest form, but the result is well worth the effort. At R&P Prints we offer custom printed t-shirts for any custom apparel need just make sure you’ve taken the time to simplify for a successful design before you place an order.

Know Your Wearer

Once you’ve got a concept and have worked to establish a simple and stunning design, you need to ask yourself: who is this for? It’s important to consider who will be wearing your clothing.

Are you creating a fashionable design for your musical act that, once on a shirt, will encourage people to proudly promote your music? Are you working within a set of strongly defined design guidelines that match your organization’s branding strategy? Will your wearers be of a certain age range? When will they be wearing the shirts? Knowing who your clothing is for will help you create something that appeals to the wearer and, hopefully, to others who might want to get a shirt of their own.

Trust The Experts

Partnering with a reliable and professional provider of custom clothing is an incredibly important step for ensuring your well-thought-out design is produced with care to the highest quality. A good provider will make sure all the details like colour, printing method, and shirt style are all up to par so you can focus on other ways to grow your business through branding and custom clothing.


Cooking Up The Perfect Restaurant Uniforms

If you hang around restaurants long enough, you will probably hear a patron dispense with some form of this adage: “I come for the food but I stay for the service”. In this sentiment, you can find a pretty powerful business principle – namely, that your product can only do so much to attract customers. In order to retain customers, turn them into repeat customers and leverage that relationship for referrals, you need to offer genuine, attentive and professional service.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every restaurant needs to become a “bowtie on the server” kind of place. In fact, almost the opposite. It means that you should offer great service but still present yourself in a manner consistent with your brand. Presenting professionalism while reinforcing your brand is something that uniforms can help with. R&P Prints – everyone’s favourite screen printing services in Toronto – can help with that by offering you a wide range of options, from printed t-shirts for food truck employees, to embroidered button-ups for hotel restaurant servers. And everything in between!

Branded Restaurant Uniforms

Whether you’ve started your own restaurant or are a franchisee, it’s a great idea to get your employees into a branded uniform. You might not think it’s important, but it has numerous and far-reaching benefits. Not convinced? Off the top, here are a few benefits of branded restaurant uniforms:

  • Uniforms help the staff feel like equals. Without uniforms, those employees with more money can flaunt and potentially shame other employees.
  • They turn the staff into a team. Uniforms promote togetherness, which can do wonders for teambuilding.
  • Uniforms are a great opportunity for branding. The more you get your logo out there, the more it will stick in people’s minds. Reinforcing your brand with every employee creates a solid, unified and recognizable brand.
  • Uniforms help customers quickly and easily pinpoint employees, making their experience faster and easier.
  • Uniforms can be optimized for the style of work. For example, in a hot kitchen you want something breathable, but which is durable enough to protect from flames and cuts.

There is an abundance of great reasons to get your restaurant staff into uniforms, whether it’s custom printed hoodies or custom embroidered vests. But what should you shop for? Below is a short run-down of common branded apparel items for both the front and back of house.

Front Of House

You will often see more branded apparel in the front of house, for the simple reason that the front of house employees are oftentimes the only visible workers. Branded apparel might include (depending on formality/informality) t-shirts, polo shirts, button-up, long-sleeve shirts, hats, toques, vests and waist aprons. All of these items can be screen printed with your restaurant’s name and logo, projecting a unified, professional front to your customers.

Back Of House

Some restaurateurs don’t bother with branded back of house apparel, since no one ever sees the chefs and cooks. Others however – open concept kitchens, food trucks and fast food restaurants – should absolutely brand their back of house uniforms. Consider a screen printed or embroidered apron, or a t-shirt. Whether you need a t shirt printing company in Ottawa Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg… really anywhere in Canada, we’ve got your back.

Restaurants have always been as much about customer service as about the food (not saying that’s a good thing necessarily, but that’s the way it is). Give your customer service and your branding a bump with custom printed uniforms. Get those Yelp ratings up, start reinforcing your brand and watch as your satisfied customers turn into satisfied regulars.

4 Great Ways To Show Customer Appreciation

Where would we be without our customers? Certainly, we here at R&P Prints know how valuable our customers are, and we try and show it everyday with our competitive prices, unparalleled quality and dedication to customer service. But sometimes businesses require a louder way to show their appreciation, a more demonstrable form of saying ‘thank-you’ to the customers who’ve provided ongoing support.

That’s why, especially now that the holidays are around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about customer appreciation strategies. A successful customer appreciation idea should serve two – not necessarily exclusive – purposes: on the one hand, it should make the customer feel good about choosing your business over the competition, and on the other hand it should make an implicit pitch for their continued business.

With those two purposes in mind, let’s look at four tried-and-true ways your business can express its gratitude and help retain customers.

Custom Apparel

Yes, we are a bit biased here at R&P Prints. But we have just heard too many success stories from businesses that handed out branded, custom t shirts to their customers and received overwhelmingly positive responses, that we had to mention custom apparel. People love getting free clothing – especially t-shirts – and will proudly wear your logo on a piece of custom apparel. So not only does your customer get a token of your appreciation, but they also get a way to express their loyalty and satisfaction. It’s a total win-win.

We offer custom printed t shirts in Montreal and Toronto, Ottawa and Winning, and throughout Canada. Wherever your business resides, if you have customers in need of some appreciation, we’ve got your back!

A Points Card/Loyalty Program

It could be as simple as a punch card system, the kind you get at a coffee shop where your eleventh drink is free. Or it could be a more elaborate system, tied to a scanned loyalty card that assigns a point value to each purchase a customer makes, which can then be redeemed to buy things at your business. The main benefit here is that it encourages repeat patronage, since, for the customer, there is a goal and value in continuing to give you business.

An End Of The Year Party

These are especially popular with bars and restaurants wanting to show their appreciation for the so-called “regulars”, but the idea can be transposed onto any business really. The idea here is that you set aside a small portion of your annual profits to throw a party for your customers. It doesn’t matter that they’re regulars; what matters is that they show up, feel welcomed, and are encouraged to come and visit your business in the New Year. Some light catering, maybe a few drinks, and people will be smitten with your business. Oh, and don’t forget to check out bulk deals on custom t shirts so you can give a few out at the party!

The VIP Treatment

Another way you can show your appreciation is by treating your frequent customers like VIPs. All the previous ideas here – custom apparel, a loyalty card and a party – you can choose to make an exclusive perk for your most loyal customers. This doesn’t do much to encourage new business, but it does help retain business, which, according to some reputable studies, is more important. Finally, an inexpensive way to highlight your most loyal customers is through a customer profile, a picture and short bio of one of your long-time customers, prominently displayed in your business.

However you choose to show your appreciation, we hope that you will make use of our quality custom printed apparel. And just so we are totally clear: we absolutely appreciate your business!