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Custom Outerwear to Promote Your Brand

Staying warm in the winter is surely a top contender for “unofficial national sport of Canada.” Canadians know how valuable it is to have a good pair of gloves, an insulating toque, a waterproof jacket, and a warm coat in their closets. We love to get outside even when it’s cold. The snow and ice are just opportunities to get active and spend time with friends and family while skating, skiing, snowshoeing, or sledding.

Did you know that R&P Prints, the t shirt printing experts in Toronto, also offer a long list of outerwear options for customization? It’s true. We have vests, windbreakers, down jackets, bomber jackets, jackets with hoods, reversible vests, and so much more. Our outerwear selection can meet the needs of a variety of climates and purposes.

You might be looking to customize a jacket that can handle the coldest winter days or maybe you want something lighter that you can still wear to workout. We’ve got you covered and have some tips for you when planning your custom apparel.

You Need Customized Outerwear for Your Team

In the GTA and all over the country, kids, teens, and adults spend their spare time travelling to different cities to participate in competitive sports. When team members are on and off the courts, it’s important to look good with practical and durable uniforms.

And you don’t have to be a fiercely competitive curler to require a quality custom jacket. Any type of league or sports organization can offer outerwear options to its players as either part of the uniform or as optional merchandise for sale. These items can be worn proudly at events or just around in public. They may even be passed on from one sibling to another or from parent to child.

You Want Good Quality Custom Outerwear

Quality custom printed outerwear has a long shelf life, and as such you want it to look good for years to come. After all, with the name of your league emblazoned across the back of a jacket, the quality of that customization reflects on your image.

As you look for a provider of custom outerwear, look for a company that is transparent about their customization procedures and whose customer service representatives are easy to access. You know you can trust a business that is there for its clients and willing to guide them through their options.

Branding Matters

As an organization that wants to create custom outerwear for sale, for promotion, or as a part of an employee uniform, it’s essential that the custom clothing reflect your mission, vision, and values. Whether you’re dressing a track, swimming, lacrosse, rugby, rowing, cheerleading, soccer, or hockey team, outerwear should be consistent with the colours, fonts, and logo on other team materials. You can ensure consistency across different brand mediums by working with colour values like CMYK to ensure that, when printed, the blue that you use is exactly the same as the blue on other promotional materials.

Why not complement your outerwear with some other customized pieces? Click on this link here to check out our bags and accessories and see how you can take your team’s image to the next level.

custom sportswear

Build Team Spirit with Custom Active Wear

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Organizing and participating in sports, regardless of how competitive and intense the game, is a fun way to bring people together. And who doesn’t love to look their best when they’re showing off their sporty skills? That’s why it’s so important to have functional, durable, and good-looking clothing for your uniforms.

But you don’t want just any plain shirt. You want to create custom t-shirts for your team that broadcast the team name and give the players a reason to show off a little bit, too. Take to the internet looking for a t-shirt printing company that can fill your uniform order and you’ll probably come across plenty of options.

Find a Printer You Can Trust

You don’t want to play it fast and loose with who you choose to do your printing since the quality of the work will reflect directly on your business. You want someone who offers brands you recognize, quality customization services, and reliable customer support. Look for a printer that is transparent, who shares information about screen printing technology as it pertains to their services. You want anyone who puts on your uniform or jersey to feel pride, so pick a printer that is proud of what they do.

Any Team Can Use a Uniform

A team uniform brings the team members together, instills a sense of pride, and also acts as a promotional tool that can spread the word about your team. When you build a brand around your team, you can start selling merchandise and easily promote yourself across social media because of how recognizable your jerseys have become.

Even for one-time events like corporate golf tournaments or a marathon, you can use a reliable online custom apparel provider to create a jersey that shows off the names of any clubs or organizations involved. Who knows? A one-time event could turn into a yearly event thanks to the professional look you get from your jerseys.

Uniforms Promote Your Team and Organization

custom sportswear

Many organizers of sports leagues, golf tournaments, marathons, and other sporting events devote a good chunk of their time to team marketing. These efforts attract new players, get sponsorships, and contribute to covering sports fees like the costs associated with renting a field, rink, or court.

As such, custom sports uniforms rely on the principles of branding. You want your team’s identity to come across clearly in your uniform and have the colours and logos consistent with that of the league. To have full control over the messaging and design of your jerseys and uniforms, R&P Prints offers excellent screen printing services that allow you to print anything onto the activewear in our catalogue.

You Need Clothing That Works

On our website, you’re bound to find a garment that fits your team’s style and budget and will keep up with the players thanks to moisture-wicking fabrics. Give your team the jerseys that they’ll love to wear and see how much it can boost team spirit.

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Show Pride in Your City with Customized Clothing

There are some cities in Canada that just have their own unique personality. You’ve got the laid-back West Coasters out in Vancouver, the resilient Maritimers out in Halifax, the career-focused urbanites of Toronto, and, of course, there are the beautiful and artistic Montrealers.

Montreal has a reputation that can’t be denied: it’s an old city with a lot of character, great food, spirited people, and cold winters. The city has a reputation for being vibrant and exciting, so why not put a little of that city spirit into your custom clothing?

There are all sorts of reasons that someone could be looking for custom wholesale apparel in Montreal: it could be to supply uniforms for employees, to get custom wear for a university, or to create custom jerseys for a sports team. With so many ways to make custom clothing, probably the most important thing you can do is to create something that stands out and catches the eye.


Montreal has a reputation around the world for being a city that attracts and houses many fine artists. The European-style living and vibrant arts and culture scene in the city attracts many young writers, musicians, illustrators, comedians… you name it. Artists in every city have to work hard to brand and promote themselves, and as an artist, custom clothing in Montreal could be just the thing you need to get the word out there.

custom shirts montreal

Take musicians, for instance. A good merch table is an essential part of a great gig, and that’s where custom t-shirts and custom clothing can come in handy. You can have your band’s name and album art across a hoodie or shirt to sell to your fans, and you could even integrate some Montreal iconography (bagels, anyone?) into the design to show your pride.

Promote Yourself

Illustrators and painters can make a name for themselves through self-promotion in the form of screen printed clothing. If you’re an artist, look no further than R&P Prints for custom t-shirt printing services in Montreal for excellent and reliable screen printing of your best designs.

At R&P we can even create tote bags or baseball hats to sell to on your online shop (and give to your friends in the hopes they’ll want to wear the gear and kindly promote your work for free).

Look Good

For organizations, companies, schools and other institutions that place orders for custom clothing large or small, a reliable online retailer of custom clothing is essential. Custom gear is meant to promote your organization’s professionalism, so you need a printer that gets the placement and colours right for your order. Trust us to handle your custom clothing production so you only have to worry about the fun part: coming up with the exciting things to put on your gear.

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Get Inspired with These Iconic Toronto Logos

Across Canada, Toronto is known for its unique identity, diversity, and the strong personalities of Torontonians. The city also gets its fair share of criticism from Canadians in all parts of the country, so much so that a 2007 documentary called “Let’s All Hate Toronto” followed one person’s mission to explore why and where Canadians resent the city otherwise known as T-Dot.logo design toronto

At R&P Prints, we are proud to be your experts for custom t-shirts in Toronto for whatever occasion you need. There’s really no end to the opportunities to make custom clothing and we’re ready to create clothing to accommodate all sorts of occasions. Regardless of the opinion of Toronto, the truth is that the city has produced some iconic imagery that you can integrate into your own designs.

Where Can the Designs Go?

Think of a university intramural league that puts a spin on the Raptors logo, or a journalism conference with t-shirts that pay homage to the TTC logo. You could be making custom hoodies in Toronto or personalized toques for the winter, but still, you can always use a little inspiration for your items.

Good-looking, memorable design can make such an impact on how your organization is perceived and how you build your image. In the day and age where branding is more important than ever, having the correct positioning and sizing for your designs is essential.

We offer our screen printing and embroidery services in Toronto through our reliable online store making it simple to place an order. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some iconic Torontonian logos for your consideration.

The Toronto Maple Leafs

The team has a retro logo that inspires nostalgia (and fonder memories of times when they were winning) in whoever looks upon it. The Leafs are known for disappointing their fans but even so, their logo is everywhere—it’s memorable, clean, and has a distinct blue colour.

The Toronto Blue Jays

Another distinct blue colour, the Blue Jays’ logo has undergone some changes throughout its time but it’s still unignorably a symbol of the city. The distinct lettering could hardly be mistaken for anything else and the logo makes good use of contrast with a little bit of red colour for a pop.

TD Bank

Brighter clothing tends to grab people’s attention so why not use colour with your designs and even your fabric choice? The TD Bank “Green Machine” logo is one example of how much of an impact colour can have on a design. The two-letter logo of TD Bank also speaks to the importance of simplicity, which you can use as a lesson as you create your own designs.

Also, take colour into consideration for the theme and purpose of your clothing. The Toronto city logo is simple and monochromatic to convey professionalism. Choose colours for your clothing that match the mood of your organization, event, or team and you can’t go wrong.

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Custom Winter Wear Keeps You Warm and Stylish

When you create a custom piece of clothing, you might be doing it to express your creativity, you might be doing it to unify a group of people, or you might be making jerseys or gear for your team.

custom shirts toronto

The goal of custom wear is to create a lasting impression and project the mandate of your organization. Think crisp and clean 1/4 zip sweaters for a team of caterers, some vibrant custom tees for camp counsellors. During the colder months, warmth is a high priority, but you can still create custom clothing that looks good and keeps you warm. Read on.

Studying Is More Than Books

Whether you’re in high school, university, college, or anywhere in between, you know that those times when you’re really buckling down — you know, living on coffee and ramen buckling down — come with all sorts of needs that go beyond having your notes organized. Studying is serious business. What you wear to study is arguably serious, too.

It’s a bit of a cliché but imagine you’re walking through the stacks of a library late at night and spot your college’s robotics team huddled around a table. What are they wearing? Probably comfy clothes like hoodies, athletic gear, or sweatpants.

Custom Clothes for Clubs

That club had the foresight to order custom hoodies in Toronto because they wanted some clothing to bring them together. They probably didn’t imagine how meaningful it would be to be able to share in the joy of an all-nighter alongside your pals in matching gear.

For university clubs, teams, and organizations, custom gear is a way to bond and to give everyone a lasting memento they’ll want to wear for years to come.

At R&P Prints we have an array of apparel choices to print the logo or design you want on the apparel you can’t wait to wear. Whether you’re getting gear for an intramural league or the book preservation society, you can come to us for t-shirt screen printing in Toronto and rest assured that we’ll make sure your design is printed clearly and correctly.

Expand Your Vision

When you think about custom school uniforms or custom team wear, your mind probably conjures up the idea of t-shirts and hoodies. There are so many other things you can customize that t-shirt printing Toronto gear for your organization is just the tip of the iceberg.

For some truly unique, cozy, and fresh-looking custom winter gear, look beyond custom t-shirts and look towards the other options available for custom clothing. You can customize hats, sweaters, pants, fleece, bags, and accessories, too.


Some people love to wear a baseball cap year-round. Some people like to wear a good, warm toque when the weather is chilly. You can get all of your custom hat needs met when you shop with a reliable online retailer, and since so many people wear hats on the daily, you might want to stock up.

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Bring Your Team Together with Custom Apparel

Here’s a fun bit of trivia that might come in handy the next time you go toe-to-toe with your friends over facts: while the first official American baseball game was played in 1846, there weren’t any team uniforms until 1849. The team that took the field on April 4, 1849, was the New York Knickerbockers and they probably didn’t imagine that they’d be remembered for their clothing choice.

team t shirt design ideas

Nowadays, it’s customary for sports teams and officials to wear team apparel like jerseys, custom team hoodies, hats, and more. Logos, colours, and uniforms are important in bringing people together and in giving off a professional look. How important are uniforms, really? Let’s find out.

Does the Colour of Your Team Jersey Matter?

If you grew up playing team sports then you might have heard the phrase: if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. Whether or not your little league coach was taking the game too seriously isn’t the point here, but what is interesting is that you could gain an edge on your opponent with the right gear specifics.

Put aside your lucky rabbit’s foot and forget those never-washed “lucky” socks. You can actually use science to gain a competitive edge just through your choice in custom clothing colours. For sports uniforms, studies have shown that teams that wear black (a colour of power and aggression) tend to play more aggressively and commit more penalties.

If you choose black for your sports team’s clothing, beware! Even sports officiants aren’t free from the bias of jersey colours. Referees might approach your team with a bias that you’re going to be aggressive just because of your black clothing.

Want to know what colour has the potential to make your team play better? Studies of the 2004 Olympic Games, as well as the 2004 Euro Cup, have enough evidence to suggest that wearing red can make a team play better than when they wore white or blue.

And just to make things a little complicated, a study of March Madness winners shows that teams who wear white and blue collect the most trophies. So, as you prepare your order for custom uniforms for your sports team, consider the psychological effects of colour. You never know if the right colours could get you closer to the championship trophy.

Unity and Equality

team t shirt design ideas

Aside from playing mild mind games on your opponents, team uniforms play a crucial role in developing a sense of unity and equality among team members. Uniforms foster team unity when you look around and see everyone else is wearing the same thing. When everyone’s got the same jersey, there are no implications of someone having trendier clothes than someone else.

And it isn’t just sports teams that benefit from the unifying qualities of custom apparel. Your corporate team or student organization or sci-fi book club can get high-quality custom shirts in Toronto and anywhere across Canada with R&P Prints. Just click on that previous link and you can get started today.

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When Can You Use Custom T Shirts?

There’s nothing like that trusty, comfortable t-shirt that you can’t wait to put on once your laundry’s done. You probably have your own collection of t-shirts that you’ve accumulated over the years from concerts, sporting events, and company outings, and they probably have sentimental value to you.

So why not make your own custom t-shirts to get that comfortable feeling with a design you love? When you find reliable t-shirt printing services in Montreal or any place that you’re looking for custom printing services, you have a whole host of options for making custom apparel. Here’s how you can customize your own clothing and some ideas for the events that could call for unique t-shirts.

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How to Customize

If you’re just starting to look into ways to customize clothing then you might not know what the difference is between screen printing and embroidery. There are two techniques to customizing clothing in the embellishment industry with some key differences between them. If you’re customizing clothing with screen printing techniques then the ink will be applied to the clothing (or accessory if you’re customizing tote bags, for example) to create a finished image.

With embroidery, the thread is stitched into the pattern or lettering of the apparel which means the logos or patterns may have to be altered into something the thread can accurately represent.

Screen Printing vs. Embroidery

Not sure when you should use one customizing technique versus the other? Screen printing is the best solution for creating detailed logos with different effects and rich colours. Embroidery can create a very clean and professional look but works best for smaller logos and is typically more expensive than screen printing. Embroidery is good for golf shirts, jackets, hats, and corporate wear.

Party Time

A party shirt makes everyone who wears it feel like a member of an exclusive group and it really puts a special stamp on the party photos. If you’re looking for t-shirt printing experts in Toronto, or elsewhere in Canada, you just need to have a minimum order of 12 shirts to go forward with an order with R&P Prints. If you’re not sure about how to place an order or want an update on what you’ve ordered already, you can call us anytime for support.

An awesome party t-shirt gives everyone at the event a sense of community and acts as a badge of honour for all who attend the event. Use your discretion — you might not need custom t-shirts for a standard house party, but you can use custom clothing to celebrate milestone birthdays, family reunions, or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Bands and Musicians

Band t-shirts and other branded merchandise is an excellent way for musical acts to spread the word about their music in unique, creative ways. You can use custom t-shirts to give your music and your band a recognizable image and to build a connection with your audiences.

Clubs & Organizations

You’re lucky enough to be a part of a club with other people who have shared interests and hobbies. What comes next? You’d like to wear matching shirts, naturally. Design custom apparel for your club or organization to give yourselves something fun to wear and a memento of the good times you spend together. It’s easy to get custom clothing, it’s having a reason to make it and a great design that’s the hard part.

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T Shirt Design Competitions to Get You Excited

Scroll through Etsy or Pinterest and you’ll find all sorts of independent t-shirt designs and t-shirt styles from artists and illustrators from all over the world. For those who turn to t-shirt printing as a creative outlet, there is plenty of opportunities to turn that outlet into a business model by selling your creations.

tshirt design competitions

Why Go Custom?

You don’t always have to create custom clothing with the intention of selling it, though. There are plenty of reasons to look for screen printing in Toronto to create unique customized apparel and accessories: maybe you’re an employer looking for staff uniforms, maybe you want custom t-shirts for an upcoming bachelorette party, or maybe you run a sports club and need team shirts for your players. For those who really like to take t-shirt designs to the next level with creative and detailed prints, entering a t-shirt design competition can be just the thing to get your name out there and get a sense of what other aspiring designers are doing.

Competitions Can Earn You Cash

Artists, illustrators, and designers know that it’s no easy market out there for a creative type looking to make their mark. A big part of making it as an artist will boil down to whether or not you can turn your art into a living, the starving artist cliché isn’t actually fun for anybody. At R&P Prints, we offer t-shirt printing services in Ottawa and all over the country, so it’s easy to take your designs from sketch to t-shirt. Entering a competition with your designs, however, can be a great way to earn some cash while building awareness for your art.

  1. FESPA

FESPA is a yearly conference about garment decoration and textile printing technology that hosts a contest every year to design the conference’s official t-shirt. Designers of custom t-shirts in Toronto or elsewhere can participate in this competition and the only rule is that the design must include one of the conference’s logos images. As a winner, you will receive cash prizes and the bragging rights of having designed the central garment of a conference all about garments.

  1. APCO

The APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo is the premier event for public safety communications officials and they hold a yearly t-shirt design contest that asks its entrants to uniquely incorporate the organization and the host city. The winner gets free registration in the next year’s conference and recognition on the APCO’s website, e-mails, and social media.

  1. Threadless

Threadless started out as a t-shirt company that has since grown into a full lineup of apparel, décor, footwear, and accessories. As a creative company, they’re always looking to build connections with creative minds out there and they host all sorts of themed design challenges to engage artists where the winning design can end up being sold as a product on the website and the artist ends up making a pretty penny from the deal.

The Final Word

When getting your designs out there, there’s nothing to lose by being a little edgy and really creating something special to make yourself stand out. Whether you go for complex designs or simple patterns, what really matters is that you make a memorable and eye-catching pattern. By competing in design contests, you can test your skills and start to build a network of recognition. Happy designing!

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How to Set Up an Awesome Merch Table

You can be a huge headliner playing regularly at concert halls or you can be a group that mostly plays coffee shops. Either way, you have a band and you want merchandise to promote yourself. Between booking gigs, rehearsing, promoting shows, and getting to the venue, having an awesome merch table at your shows might seem like an afterthought.

merch table

Even if you’re not incredibly gung-ho about selling custom apparel like t-shirts, custom sweatshirts, or tote bags after the show, you recognize the importance of branding and promotion so you know that merch is an important component of your live shows. You have plenty to worry about when it comes to performing. You’re thinking about attendance, the setlist, you want to get along with the technicians and venue owner… worrying about merch shouldn’t be an added stress.

Clear Signage

You have to have big, clear signage to broadcast what you’re selling and the prices. For someone taking a glance at the merchandise you’re selling, there’s no fun in guesswork. If you’re selling custom t-shirts in Toronto with a band logo that you put lots of work into, then make sure people know the price and sizes available.

Have Someone Work the Table

If you’re looking for custom t-shirts in Montreal and elsewhere will have plenty of options for you to choose from. So it’s important to find a reliable provider that will give you what you need and on schedule for show day. After all, what’s the use of ordering custom shirts to promote your band if they’re going to arrive after the show? Once you’ve got your shirts to the show, you need to have someone at the table at all times. With a friendly face working the table and building connections with your audience, you build a good atmosphere at your shows. The person working the table can even help you build an e-mail list to stay in touch with your fans by getting visitors to leave their addresses.

Pick a Good Spot

Depending on where you’re playing your show you might not have plenty of choices when it comes to where you can set up your table of goods. Still, it’s important to pick a spot to set up where everyone in the venue can see it. You might have to negotiate with the venue if what’s convenient isn’t exactly what’s most visible, but at the end of the day, you need eyes on your products.

Have Cash on Hand

This may seem counterintuitive, after all, the point of the merch table is to make money. Still, you have to go into the arrangement ready with a change in bills and coins to get shopping ready. You don’t want to be in the position of having a great conversation with a buyer than having to run to the bar or even to the bank to have the right change for their purchase.


Sure, there are plenty of tips and tricks to branding and promoting your band and you want to make the most of every opportunity you have to get the word out there. If you follow the merch table basics outlined here, then you won’t have to stress too much while working your event and you can enjoy yourself. Remember, it’s important to build connections with your audience and make every sale count. Have fun!


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Check Out These 3 Top T Shirt Blogs

There are plenty of reasons to look around for inspiration when it comes to making your own customized apparel. Whether you are looking to make customized clothing for your employees, your family & friends, or for others to enjoy your exciting designs, inspiration is key.

custom shirts

Some T-Shirt Style Ideas

You can read other t-shirt blogs to learn about the popular styles, designs, and fabric types that others are using to make their fashionable shirts. If you are someone who looks for ways to make custom t-shirts in Ottawa or elsewhere for your own online store, then it’s important to know what’s trending in the world of t-shirt fashion.

T-Shirt Trends

You might have seen friends or just stylish people out in the streets wearing t-shirts with funny slogans, eye-catching logos, or other interesting images. Want to know how you can make your own? Here’s a list of some of the current custom t-shirt design trends:

  • “Keep Calm” slogan shirts
  • Girl power slogan shirts
  • Birthday shirts (with the date printed on them)
  • Pro-feminism shirts

Custom t-shirts are comfortable, stylish, and they let you make a fun statement about your personality. For aspiring apparel creators, starting out with quirky t-shirts to get the attention of a popular t-shirt blog can be just the way to get your brand off the ground.

T-Shirt Blogging

Blogs, in general, are excellent ways for organizations to build connections with their customers while offering valuable information that anyone might find helpful. Good blogs are informative, engaging, and they serve to grow an organization’s reach. The tone can be serious, humorous, edgy, or flirty depending on the content and the organization.

Typically, a blog is a casual way to approach customers and teach them something new while entertaining them. There are blogs for everything, including the world of t-shirt designs and trends. If you’re interested in custom t-shirts in Toronto and want to know what else is out there, here are some popular t-shirt blogs that discuss pop culture, reviews, popular brands, and more.

  1. Compete-tee-tion

This blog should be of special interest for those designers who make their own custom shirts in Toronto and in other parts of the country. It hosts t-shirts contests and shares information about the latest contests and the participants. Taking part in these contests lets you measure your creative edge while also allowing you to make a little cash along the way.

  1. Fancy T-Shirts

The Fancy T-Shirts blog focuses on highly detailed designs with special emphasis on the t-shirts themselves. The blog reviews indie designs and can give anyone a crash course in some of the best t-shirt design and designers.

  1. Pop Culture Tees

The Pop Culture Tees blog has a slightly edgy voice but it covers a wide variety of t-shirts: cartoon t-shirts, fun t-shirts, goth t-shirts, retro t-shirts, typography t-shirts, video game t-shirts, and much more. This blog is mainly centred on pop culture and features some of the best garments that address current issues.