The Best Quality T-Shirt for Screen Printing

The truth is, everyone knows what makes for a good quality T-Shirt. It fits perfectly, it looks good, and it wears well. High quality T-Shirts also fold nicely after washing and drying. But with so many brands and so many manufacturers, its sometimes difficult to select the best. However, there are some industry standards that are worth noting – like 100% cotton content; and pre-shrunk material; and 10 ounce weight; and double-needle stitched. It’s also important to take note of the finishes – the sleeves; the bottom hem; the seamless collar; even the so-called “centre crease”. Finally, a good T-Shirt will also come in a variety of “fits” in order to meet the needs of various body shapes. Needless to say, pre-shrunk means no shrinkage after laundering.

For screen printing, it’s often an advantage that a T-Shirt is available in different colours, especially when it comes to matching corporate colour schemes. In fact, the better brands will produce colour-matching on custom orders – the client chooses a Pantone colour and the production run matches that colour. Then there’s the comfort component – higher end T-Shirts are always softer and more comfortable.

While most will agree that 100% combed cotton is a consumer favourite, there are numerous cotton/polyester blends that make for a quality shirt. For screen printing, another consideration is the actual knit. The better brands use a high fibre-count in the thread, and a tighter weave to produce a finer knit. The thing is, quality does make a difference. For example, as an apparel product, 100% “ringspun” cotton has proven to be a better, softer, T-Shirt that actually screen-prints better.

Another fabric blend that is growing in popularity is the tri-blend – these are soft and stretchy and made of cotton, polyester, and rayon. They have some comfort advantages, and are somewhat higher priced. And then, of course, there are T-Shirts made from organic cotton, which the more conscious, eco-friendly consumer may prefer. Another consideration for choosing a T-Shirt, and nothing to do with screen printing, is the fit. Here, it’s important to consider who’s wearing the shirt, and the options are varied: the baggy fit, the more fitted fit, and even the fashion fit.

Quality T-Shirts come with a premium price, and like anything, you get what you pay for. Here, it’s important to do the research and to shop around in order to ensure the best price for the budget. At R&P Prints, the T-Shirt inventory is vast, with a brand to suit every price point. And when it comes to production quality, these are brands that always guarantee top-quality screen printing results.

  • Alstyle
  • American Apparel
  • Gildan
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Jerico
  • Bella + Canvas

What’s important about brand names is the quality. And while the price point might be higher than others, the cost outlay is usually worthwhile. These are T-Shirts that look good, feel comfortable, and wear well. And with R&P Prints, quality apparel and quality printing are always assured.