Screen Printing Is Not Just for T-Shirts

The process of screen printing items can work on just about anything. Tote bags, hats, jackets, posters and signs – are just a short list of all the items that can be screen printed. They can be screen printed with your logo and design, to help leverage your brand and add a little colour and spice to your line of work. You’re about to learn why it’s so important to establish brand identity through screen printing and how the options are limitless.

With state of the art equipment handled by our talented team at R&P Prints, we’re dedicated to putting your brand out there – anywhere. We will size your artwork so that it is proportionate to the specific product you choose to screen print; matching the artwork and the colour to exactly what you’re looking for. With different inks and drying techniques, our team specializes in transferring your multicoloured logo or design onto quality personalized gear of all sorts. Here’s your chance to get innovative and really show off your brand’s character.

It’s always important to represent your brand and be your very own brand advocate. Whether you’re looking to spread awareness, increase client engagement or create employee incentives, screen printing is the best way to achieve the lasting impression you’re looking for. Through screen printing, your brand will gain the visibility you want, and will stand out amongst your competition in a positive and impactful way. Personalized gear can show your business’ appreciation, support and enthusiasm – and you have numerous options on how you choose to display it. We’re here to create that through a consistent rendition of your artwork, professionally screen printed on just about anything.

Screen printed mouse pads or laptop bags can connect your employees and establish an individualized culture within your work environment, while screen printed uniforms help to build a team atmosphere where you can share your brand identity and pride with your co-workers. Do you have that special customer you wish to thank for the many years of business together? Show your appreciation and build rapport with your client base by sending a thoughtful personalized coffee mug, tote bag or notebook – all with your distinct logo printed on it. While t-shirts may be the most common item to screen print, you are not limited to just that option – and we’re here to show you the possibilities. There is a wide variety of unique items to print on that is practical (hoodies and jackets for the winter, umbrellas or active wear for the spring) and clothing is just one of the many options. The creativity is in your hands and we’re here to make it possible. Spread your art through screen printing and create company swag to share with your team.

It’s time to break away from generic looks and celebrate differentiation by branding your company and making your clothing and accessories unique to you. So, don’t feel obligated to limit your creativity to just T-shirts! Contact us at R&P Prints for more information on custom screen printing and the wide array of gear you can personalize to send the message you want. You can reach us by phone at 1 (877) 646-5111, or alternatively you can contact us by email at We provide free online estimates, competitive pricing, always work our hardest to ensure we leave our clients completely satisfied.