The Benefits of Screen Printing

Screen printing is an integral part of our society. It is all around us, used by many such as individuals, school groups, and other enterprises. It can be found on such diverse items as balloons, posters, pamphlets, art works, and watch faces. One of the most popular uses of screen printing is clothing and apparel design. We at R&P Prints are a leading screen printing company in Toronto. We service many businesses and organizations across Canada. Our business specializes in supplying small and large companies. As well as an extensive array of clothing, we also offer promotional products and printing services. Screen printing has an extensive history, and we are proud to be an industry which has benefitted society for so many years.

Screen printing has been around a long time. Its history is impressive, as the process can be traced back to The Song Dynasty in China (960-1279AD). Basically, Screen Printing is a way of creating an image such as a drawing, illustration, or slogan on different mediums such as canvas, clothing, or posters. In modern times, innovations have allowed screen printing to be available to more people on a grander scale. Many artists, such as Andy Warhol, have made screen printing a popular artistic technique, and their works have become a popular part of our culture. Many people are familiar with Mr. Warhol’s famous image of Marilyn Monroe done in the 1960’s. From the spreading of art to promoting businesses and organizations, the benefits of screen printing have come a long way.

If you are a small or large company and need screen printing done on clothing and apparel, you need look no further than our company R&P Prints. The benefits of screen printing with us are numerous. R&P Prints in Toronto is a leading custom screen printing business. We also service organizations across Canada, in such cities as Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver. Through our screen printing expertise, enterprises increase their brand recognition, advertise events, and increase sales.

We at R&P Prints create our state of the art screen printing with up to date methods and materials. Our customized products include such items as t-shirts, active wear, head wear, sports shirts, and bags and accessories. Our most efficient production system yields small and large orders quickly. The R&P Prints informative website and easy to use app contains numerous products and design suggestions. We have on hand exemplary graphic designers who will work with your ideas and offer knowledgeable and professional suggestions.

There are further benefits of screen printing at our company R&P Prints. Exceptional services for our clients are our number one priority. We strive to make your screen printing experience as comfortable and convenient as we can. In addition to our state of the art website, exemplary product, and professional help, we also strive to make meeting and communication choices as flexible as possible. We will meet clients in the store or at a location preferred by you. We also offer live chat. Further, we offer extended hours, free estimates and free delivery, and no start up fee. Finally, we strive to make the price as fair as possible no matter how big the order is.

The benefits of screen printing at R&P Print are many. Our leading, fast growing, and highly reputable enterprise offers a wide array of state of the art custom designed products to a variety of businesses and organizations in Toronto and across Canada. We do this in an atmosphere of client respect, comfort and convenience. We welcome you!