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Toll-Free: 1-877-646-5111
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Custom T-Shirts Screen Printing in Toronto, Canada (R&P Prints) has a vast selection of name brand t-shirts (like Hanes, American Apparel, Gildan) and a large assortment of t-shirt types (short sleeve, baseball tees etc.) so we are sure we will meet all of your needs for custom printing.

We have been printing custom t-shirts for years and we have worked with a number of schools, universities, companies & promotional firms, producing high quality custom shirts, with quick turnaround and delivery times.

Is your athletic team looking for a great new custom t-shirt to show off your team pride? Is your company holding a promotion or need a new supplier for your uniforms? R&P Prints is here to help you. Just contact one of our customer service representatives today with your project and let us show you a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the industry.

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We would love for your to see how our custom t shirt screen printing works, so let us break it down for you.
Here is a summarized list from start to finish of our t shirt printing process!

  1. Screens are coated with a light sensitive dye called emulsion and left to dry on the screen
  2. Client sends us the vector artwork via email (these are the personal images that you want printed)
  3. We separate the colors in the artwork (assuming there is more than one color) and then print each color individually on to its own film positive (a clear sheet of paper) ensuring that the artwork is completely black
  4. The film positive(s) is placed on to the emulsion coated screen and then placed on to the exposure unit to expose the artwork and burn it into the screen for approximately 5 minutes and the process is repeated for each film which has its own color of the artwork in it
  5. The screen is then washed out with a pressure washer leaving the artwork burned into the image
  6. The screen is then lined up on to the press for proper placement on to the garment and then ink is placed on to the screen and rolled over the area where the artwork was burned with a squeegee on to the garment!

You custom t-shirt is dried and finished, ready for shipping! offers…

  • Custom t-shirt printing
  • Custom baseball tees printing
  • T-shirt screen printing
  • Team T-Shirts
  • T-Shirts for promotions or events

Please have a look at our wide assortment of T shirts for custom printing.

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