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Screen Printed Uniforms & Their Benefits

We know that more and more companies are looking to get screen printed uniforms as a way to unify their employees. Is your company looking, too? At R&P Prints, we can help you identify the benefits of obtaining printed uniforms from our experiences. One of our clients, a growing distribution company, decided to obtain printed uniforms from R&P Prints; the positive impacts of this decision to this company’s progress were significant. Continue reading

How Uniforms Influence Employees and Their Company

Have you ever heard the expression “your brand is everything”? Well, when it comes to your company, it couldn’t be truer. You brand is your face to the world. It tells potential clients what you’re all about, and it helps to motivate your employees to achieve your company’s mission. There are so many ways in which you can go about branding. One popular tool for branding is screen printing company logos on uniforms. Uniforms can significantly influence employees and their companies. Let’s explore how, starting with how uniforms influence companies, and then we’ll touch on how uniforms can influence employees. Continue reading