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Polo Shirts Embroidery

These days, virtually everyone you bump into is walking around with a branded polo shirt of some sort. It might be the familiar polo rider stitched into the chest area; a recognizable brand logo that doesn’t even have a name; or a small company commemorating an annual golf tournament. In the end, its all about promoting, advertising, and branding…maybe a little showing off as well! We tend to see Polo Shirts embroidery more often than others because of the sleek and sophisticated look, and the wide range of styling and fashion colours that are available. Best of all - any logo, any graphic design, and any colour can be custom embroidered today, and virtually any customer requirement can be serviced.

The truth is, with today’s technologies, most embroidery projects are possible, regardless of the intricacy, size, or complication of the design. With computerized sewing equipment, and the digitization of computer graphics, Polo Shirts embroidery has entered into a whole new world, where practically anything can be embroidered, with great ease, a lot less labour, and at considerable less cost. Modern, state-of-the-art embroidery machines are computerized and specially engineered to accomplish the unique requirements of custom embroidery. 
Fully automated, the embroidery process makes use of pre-designed, pre-programmed digital patterns that require little human interaction from the beginning of the operation to the end. Let’s not forget that with the advent of digitized embroidery, new skill sets have also become necessary, requiring production people to be specialized with new hardware, software and various aspects of design creativity. It means that graphic design files must be formatted, often edited, and otherwise prepared for the specific embroidery equipment that will be used. As it is, Polo Shirts embroidery has its own set of unique parameters, based on garment specifications, intricacy of the embroidery, and perhaps even the quantity of the order. Either way, pre-production technicians and machinery operators must be capable of accommodating everything from a simple two-colour logo, to a multi-colour design piece with intricate detail.
The Polo Shirts embroidery industry has advanced into the digital age with many other manufacturing sectors: they’re using touch-screen technology; uploading and downloading files; employing high-tech design-editing software; and expediting production techniques that allow for end-to-end operation. Custom embroidery is not just for Coca-Cola or General Motors anymore, because small quantity orders and short runs are as workable as massive production runs. Today, even a smallish company can look professional and prestigious.
An astute and forward-looking embroidery facility can ensure a customer experience that takes place all under one roof – with a substantial shirts inventory; with large-scale and small scale machinery and equipment; and with a team of professionals who can offer expert production management, while satisfying even the most discriminating customer.
And what would Polo Shirts embroidery be without that sharp-looking and colourful polo shirt. It could end up being a golf shirt, or a tennis shirt; with two buttons, or three; with a pocket, or without. But bottom line, it has to look good and feel comfortable! And in most cases, those wearing a polo shirt don’t have to play polo, or know anything about polo.
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