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Custom Screen Prints

At R&P Prints, much of our business revolves around custom screen prints, and that covers a lot of territory.  We custom print practically anything our clients can dream up; we supply branded apparel and promotion products; and we service business needs that range from sales promotions, to special events, to advertising campaigns.  Everything we do at R&P Prints is geared towards satisfying the client – sometimes, the objective might be to boost sales; sometimes, it’s to enhance product recognition and brand awareness; and in some cases, the purpose is to promote a special event.  Whatever the project, and regardless of size, we are always focused on delivering the highest quality product, and a level of customer service that is unmatched in the business.

In general, custom screen prints can include everything from clothing and apparel (men, women, children) to a wide range of promotional products and premium incentives with all of them effectively presenting a brand and an image.  At R&P Prints, we work with companies, athletic teams, organizations, and schools, and our clients are both large and small.  We handle every screen-printing project with the same attention to detail (regardless of the scope) and our reputation across the country is well-regarded and synonymous with trust.

In today’s competitive business environment, custom screen prints require state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.  But more than just the equipment, we depend on our skilled team of production professionals – highly skilled and experienced people, who understand screen-printing, and who appreciate that every job we do is a custom job.  It allows us to guarantee our work, and to deliver the kind of product that keeps clients satisfied.  In fact, our approach to customer service is based on a personalized “hands-on” style that contributes to a productive working relationship, while enhancing a smooth flow of production.

R&P Prints has always placed an emphasis on excellent customer service.  Our customer associates work with clients one-to-one, and move through each step of the production process with a view to accommodate client needs.  We do our very best to maintain deadlines, and to make sure that budget guidelines are followed.  We offer extended business hours, especially when deadlines are tight and demanding, and our personal “live-chat” system allows for one-on-one interaction with project representatives.  And in addition to fast turn-around times, R&P Prints has the best prices in Canada!

Whatever the project, custom screen prints at R&P Prints are always in good hands.  We offer some of the best names in apparel, and print everything from traditional golf shirts, to sports team jerseys, to formal school uniforms.  All our production facilities are under one roof, with sales reps, designers and production people creating and producing, even with those seemingly “impossible” deadlines.  Clients receive free estimates and free sales consultations, and we’ll even meet you at your location!  There are no set-up fees, no delivery charges, and our prices continue to be the most competitive in the market.

What more can we do for you?  R&P Prints is now one of the fastest growing printing companies in Canada – your one-stop, full-service, custom-printing solution provider.

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