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Time to Start Thinking About Custom Christmas Shirts

Nothing conjures up the holiday spirit like a custom printed Christmas shirt. And nothing makes it more personal than ordering online from R&P Prints. Custom printed attire is both unique and personal – it’s something truly memorable at a special time of year. For family and friends, young and old, custom Christmas shirts are sure to please, and a great way to spread Christmas joy.

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Bulk T-shirts Printing

At some point, we’ve all been affected by a bulk order of t-shirts. Whether it was that time we participated in a charity event, our orientation week during college or university, or even when we played for the company softball team, we’ve all benefited from bulk t-shirts printing. What’s important to take into consideration during the process of bulk t-shirts printing is that you should have a plan going into each year. For example, let’s say that you’re working at a large company and have been tasked with the bulk t-shirts printing for the company Christmas party, the charity event, and the company softball team. If you get all of your printing done in three separate waves throughout the year, it may be more expensive than if you would have had all of the t-shirts printed at the same time. Even if the design needed to change slightly depending on the occasion, the structure of the bulk t-shirts printing process allows for savings if you go into each new printing cycle with a concrete plan. Continue reading