How Uniforms Influence Employees and Their Company

Have you ever heard the expression “your brand is everything”? Well, when it comes to your company, it couldn’t be truer. You brand is your face to the world. It tells potential clients what you’re all about, and it helps to motivate your employees to achieve your company’s mission. There are so many ways in which you can go about branding. One popular tool for branding is screen printing company logos on uniforms. Uniforms can significantly influence employees and their companies. Let’s explore how, starting with how uniforms influence companies, and then we’ll touch on how uniforms can influence employees. Continue reading

Bulk T-shirts Printing

At some point, we’ve all been affected by a bulk order of t-shirts. Whether it was that time we participated in a charity event, our orientation week during college or university, or even when we played for the company softball team, we’ve all benefited from bulk t-shirts printing. What’s important to take into consideration during the process of bulk t-shirts printing is that you should have a plan going into each year. For example, let’s say that you’re working at a large company and have been tasked with the bulk t-shirts printing for the company Christmas party, the charity event, and the company softball team. If you get all of your printing done in three separate waves throughout the year, it may be more expensive than if you would have had all of the t-shirts printed at the same time. Even if the design needed to change slightly depending on the occasion, the structure of the bulk t-shirts printing process allows for savings if you go into each new printing cycle with a concrete plan. Continue reading

Differences in Popular T-Shirt Fabrics

The t-shirt is perhaps the most popular garment in North America. It’s functional, easy to manufacture, and provides a multitude of uses. It should be no surprise, then, that our tastes for t-shirts have expanded beyond the basic white undershirt. Once a piece of clothing that was strictly utilitarian, t-shirts have evolved significantly over the past few decades. Numerous high-end fashion designers have even adopted t-shirts into their mainline collections, seeing the casual garment as a venue for self-expression and the chance to play with different textiles, patterns, and designs. The material of a t-shirt is perhaps the most important characteristic of the garment. What good is a basic t-shirt if it isn’t comfortable to wear? Here are some of the most popular fabrics that t-shirts are constructed from. Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between Screen Printing and Heat Transfer Printing?

Custom printed garments like a t-shirt, a tote bag, or sports jerseys are a great way to make a personal statement and own a truly personalized product. There are two main methods of printing used to create custom garments: screen printing and heat transfer printing. While each method is relatively simple and widely available from quality printing companies that specialize in custom garments like R&P Prints, the two methods have distinct differences and their own set of costs and benefits. Continue reading

Why Should Your Brand Use Personalized Hoodies?

When comparing businesses, one thing that can set apart a business from a competitor is a logo. A well-designed logo can help your company stand out and promote brand recognition. Logos have become the standard means for businesses to communicate their brand with the rest of the world. In a typical day, the average person sees thousands of logos. From coffee cups, to billboards to shopping bags, logos are everywhere. Printing personalized hoodies for your company can be a fantastic way to promote your brand and create awareness, surpassing more expensive means of advertising in value. Continue reading

The Difference Between Screen Printing and Digital Printing

Screen printing and digital printing are two of the most common forms of printing on the planet. While digital printing is a relatively new innovation, Screen printing can trace its roots back as far as the Chinese Song Dynasty of 960 to 1279 AD, where textiles like clothing or decorative tapestries had designs printed on them using natural dyes. Some of the most common uses of screen printing and digital printing today are the application of a logo or design to a blank product like a t-shirt or a coffee mug. Both screen printing and digital printing have their own pros and cons, and we’ll explore the differences here. Let’s begin with digital printing. Continue reading

The Future of Screen Printing

T­-shirts are an incredibly versatile item of clothing. They can make statements for
aesthetic or political purposes, they can be function as a wearable trophy as the result
of completing a gruelling test of physical and mental fortitude like a marathon, or they
can serve a basic utilitarian purpose of covering one’s torso. What unites almost every
t­shirt is how the various designs found on them were printed: screen printing. Called
the world’s most versatile printing process, screen printing is used to apply graphics to
an incredible amount of products found throughout our world. Continue reading

R&P Prints – unique in the industry!

Every company tends to boast about their great products and their great service. At R&P Prints, our focus is totally on the customer. Our dedicated team works with you from project start to finish, ensuring deadlines and accommodating budgets. The big difference is that we guarantee great print results every time, and we promise the best prices in Canada. R&P Prints has become one of Canada’s fastest growing screen-printing companies with a one-stop, full-service solution. Continue reading

Advantage of Screen Printing

There comes a time when you want to publicize items, organizations, and unique occasions or just pass a message. It might be difficult to do so because you have to find the most efficient way to ensure that you convey the intended message. You may be looking for a way that ensures that whatever you intend to convey will be affordable, unique and hard to forget. Continue reading

Custom T-Shirt Online Design

You are probably one of those people who like dressing and owning things that no other person owns. You like it when people describe a particular thing and connect it with you. Owning a custom t-shirt is a great way to express your uniqueness, and it helps bring out your personality. There are several benefits of the custom t-shirt online design. Some of these advantages include: Continue reading