Promotional T-shirts can be a marvelous marketing tool!

To prove this statement, think of how often you see people wearing t-shirts with a company logo or image. Better yet, think of how often you have seen something on a t-shirt for the first time, like an eye-catching graphic or amusing text, but somehow still seem to remember it. That’s the power that R&P Prints puts into your hands by simplifying the process for you to create your own custom screen printed promotional t-shirts.

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Wise Nuggets on How to Choose the Best Screen Printing Company

Screen printing is one of the most dynamic ways of printing designs on t-shirts, hats, and garments. Thousands of companies use it to print product reviews and advertisement materials such as banners. However, to get utmost results from this technique, you need to hire the best screen printing company.
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What You Should Know About Screen Printing

Screen printing is a widely used technique to design t-shirts, hats and other types of garments. It entails passing of a printing ink through a webbed surface or fabric. A squeegee and special stencil are used to transfer the colors into the fabric as per the design required. Usually, the colours are transferred to stencil portions that are unblocked.
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The Benefits of Screen Printing

Screen printing is an integral part of our society. It is all around us, used by many such as individuals, school groups, and other enterprises. It can be found on such diverse items as balloons, posters, pamphlets, art works, and watch faces. One of the most popular uses of screen printing is clothing and apparel design. We at R&P Prints are a leading screen printing company in Toronto. We service many businesses and organizations across Canada. Our business specializes in supplying small and large companies. As well as an extensive array of clothing, we also offer promotional products and printing services. Screen printing has an extensive history, and we are proud to be an industry which has benefitted society for so many years. Continue reading

Screen Printed T-Shirts Create Revenue

Here’s the true story about how one small business brought in six figures of revenue as a direct result of ordering some company branded custom screen printed t-shirts from R&P Prints.

Humble Beginnings

The owner of a local startup company in Toronto decided to order 2 dozen custom branded t-shirts to promote his business. Some of them were passed out to friends, and for the remaining t-shirts he turned to Facebook and created a post offering them for free to anyone who would wear them. They were all gone within hours. Continue reading

Dress To Impress Toronto – With R&P Embroidery Services!

Nothing makes a statement like the perfect outfit!
And no outfit is complete without the right print or embroidery to show off its brand, cause, or organization.
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Custom Screen Printing – We’ve Got Toronto Covered in Clothes!

Today’s world is highly saturated with ads and imagery promoting all sorts of ideas, causes, businesses and pop-cultural content, everywhere you look! Our buzzing city of Toronto is no exception to the explosive exposure that comes with all the different kinds of information and products or services, marketed through the countless different mediums used to get a message out there! Continue reading