Oh, All The Colours: Summer Print Ideas

Summer is finally here and we are all ready to welcome all the colourful outfits! You can express yourself through your summer outfits extensively, as a wide range of prints and colour palettes could be used during the summer. R&P Prints believes that by designing and wearing customized summer prints, you will be able to stand out among the crowds. We believe that everyone should be able to express their styles and characters through unique prints and designs. If you’re interested in discovering summer print ideas, then this article will give you a clear guidance on what to look for. Continue reading

Screen Printing on Polyester

When it comes to screen printing on polyester, you want to make sure you’re working with printers that know what they’re doing. Any type of print on polyester apparel can easily come off in the wash if it’s not applied to the fabric correctly. Polyester is typically more difficult to print on than cotton or linen. Only strong and proper inks will attach to and stay on polyester fabrics. At R&P Prints, we ensure that all of our polyester material is printed on with the best quality products and methods out there. We want our clients to keep their jerseys for the long haul, and it all starts with printing with proper materials and methods. Continue reading

Custom Screen Printing in Canadian Market

Custom screen printing in Canada has become very popular in recent years. With this popularity, the industry has witnessed some printing shops that put more emphasis on quality than others. There are many different printers that print high quality logos and images on apparel, but when you wash your order for the first time, what you paid for can wash right off if the printing wasn’t done correctly. At R&P Prints, we offer our clients the best quality products, and use techniques that help ensure the longevity of the items we create. Continue reading

Achieving the Best Possible Quality When Printing on Polyester

Polyester is a difficult fabric to print on. If the printing isn’t done properly, the colour and print on the fabric will either fade, change or completely fall off. Without using proper techniques that ensure your ink will stay and last through use and washes, your ink will undoubtedly come off sooner than you think. There are many screen printing companies that you can go to to get customizable polyester clothing, but not all of them do it properly. At R&P Prints, we understand how important our products are to our clients, and we offer only the best quality of printing on our polyester clothing. Continue reading

Screen Printing for School

Are you a teacher, administrator or principal of a school? Are you part of a club or sports team at your school? Are you finishing middle school and going to highschool? Are you graduating? Think back to all the amazing experiences you have had with your students, peers, classmates and teammates. There is a great way for you to ensure that your memories live on. At R&P Prints, we have the ability to screen print your favourite memories, slogans, and designs on a wide variety of clothing items. From t-shirts, to hats to jerseys and more! Here are some ideas as to what you can use R&P Prints for! Continue reading

The Best Quality T-Shirt for Screen Printing

The truth is, everyone knows what makes for a good quality T-Shirt. It fits perfectly, it looks good, and it wears well. High quality T-Shirts also fold nicely after washing and drying. But with so many brands and so many manufacturers, its sometimes difficult to select the best. However, there are some industry standards that are worth noting – like 100% cotton content; and pre-shrunk material; and 10 ounce weight; and double-needle stitched. It’s also important to take note of the finishes – the sleeves; the bottom hem; the seamless collar; even the so-called “centre crease”. Finally, a good T-Shirt will also come in a variety of “fits” in order to meet the needs of various body shapes. Needless to say, pre-shrunk means no shrinkage after laundering. Continue reading

Screen Printing on Winter Apparel

Screen printing has become commonplace today. Everything is possible, regardless of the apparel, and regardless of the season. For R&P Prints, it’s all under one roof. We screen print anything a client can create; we supply branded clothing and promotional products; and we accommodate everything from sales promotions, to advertising campaigns, to special events. Bottom line, the team at R&P Prints is focused on delivering client satisfaction. Sometimes, clients want to boost sales; sometimes, it’s about enhancing brand awareness; and sometimes, it’s about promoting a special event. Whatever the objective, our focus is on delivering a high quality product, along with customer service that is hard to match. Continue reading

Express Your Personality, Design Your Own T-Shirt!

In this expressive era where we are constantly connected to others, we express how distinctive our identity is through our looks as much as our words. This is why the R&P Prints offers a great service that allows you to express your personality by wearing and designing your own T-shirt. We believe that everyone should be able to express themselves in convenient and unique ways. If you are interested in wearing your designs, then we would love to offer a few pointers on how to make your wishes a reality. Continue reading

Screen Printed Uniforms & Their Benefits

We know that more and more companies are looking to get screen printed uniforms as a way to unify their employees. Is your company looking, too? At R&P Prints, we can help you identify the benefits of obtaining printed uniforms from our experiences. One of our clients, a growing distribution company, decided to obtain printed uniforms from R&P Prints; the positive impacts of this decision to this company’s progress were significant. Continue reading

Screen Printing Is Not Just for T-Shirts

The process of screen printing items can work on just about anything. Tote bags, hats, jackets, posters and signs – are just a short list of all the items that can be screen printed. They can be screen printed with your logo and design, to help leverage your brand and add a little colour and spice to your line of work. You’re about to learn why it’s so important to establish brand identity through screen printing and how the options are limitless. Continue reading