Custom Screen Printing – We’ve Got Toronto Covered in Clothes!

Today’s world is highly saturated with ads and imagery promoting all sorts of ideas, causes, businesses and pop-cultural content, everywhere you look! Our buzzing city of Toronto is no exception to the explosive exposure that comes with all the different kinds of information and products or services, marketed through the countless different mediums used to get a message out there!

So where does this leave your message, team, brand, your most dedicated cause or something else you’re expressing? How can you get the word out on something, when advertising can be so expensive, competitive, high-maintenance and overly-done?
The answer is simple – Screen Printing it!

The fact is, that virtually everything that’s promoted, must start with a medium, or “portal” if you will, such as billboards, websites, magazines, ads etc., with which to carry the message across and deliver it, to its target audience. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of each portal is different than the next, in how it can act as a vessel to reach your desired audience. Screen Printing is an amazingly cost efficient, low-maintenance and super out-reaching portal to use, as a means of representing, advertising or even simply showing something, with access to the attention of a boundless body of people…speaking of which, is exactly where Screen Printing goes – on people’s bodies!

When you wear an image, message, or idea, it works alongside you as anything you want! A mobile body’d ad, or an advocate, representative,  team member – maybe you’re an artist or a writer who loves making clothing out of their work, to wear and sell! Modern-day Screen Printing greatly surpasses in scores, for quality and purpose, when compared to conventional methods and uses.

R&P Prints delivers the high definitions of color and imagery, that make our Screen Printing work stand out and incur the repeated trust and praises of our clientele! Our triple-A line of clients and thrilled first-time customers like yourself, are the driving force behind our ceaseless pursuit, of always having the very best in up-to-date techniques and technology, in line and at hand – we are passionate about our work!

The experience and expertise attained by our company through leading countless Screen Printing projects and services are now fully available in Toronto! We’ll produce your promotional t-shirts, full uniforms, custom hoodies, shorts/sweatpants/bottoms, jerseys and even jackets to match! Our Screen Printing services can produce logos, messages, images, charity/promotions – we take anything on and even enjoy a challenge! We’ve taken every measure to ensure a pleasant and effortless process in receiving what you have in mind, and giving it back to you as wonderfully-printed clothing and apparel/accessories – all custom made, all to the best of your specifications! R&P puts in the extra work, to prove that integrity and proper customer service, are the rights of all our clients across Canada! Screen Printing is a fun and effective way to represent or display, anything you want!

Let us at R&P Prints, show you just how easy it is, going from an idea – to a worn statement!