Bulk T-shirts Printing

At some point, we’ve all been affected by a bulk order of t-shirts. Whether it was that time we participated in a charity event, our orientation week during college or university, or even when we played for the company softball team, we’ve all benefited from bulk t-shirts printing. What’s important to take into consideration during the process of bulk t-shirts printing is that you should have a plan going into each year. For example, let’s say that you’re working at a large company and have been tasked with the bulk t-shirts printing for the company Christmas party, the charity event, and the company softball team. If you get all of your printing done in three separate waves throughout the year, it may be more expensive than if you would have had all of the t-shirts printed at the same time. Even if the design needed to change slightly depending on the occasion, the structure of the bulk t-shirts printing process allows for savings if you go into each new printing cycle with a concrete plan.


Bulk t-shirts printing is traditionally accomplished by using a type of printing known as screen printing. Known for being the most economical for large printing runs, screen printing has been around for quite some time, and the process is very efficient once the design and other parameters have been set; for one-off sorts of jobs, digital printing may be a better value, but for any job that involves bulk t-shirts printing, your go-to is a company like R&P Prints that offers the screen printing process for their bulk t-shirts printing.

If you’re ordering a print wave for a large company, you may want to consider printing overages to avoid product shortages and to maximize savings down the road. For example, if you work for a university and you know that your logo for a certain event will not be changed, it makes financial sense to print more than you think you’ll need in the short term. Your costs would be higher if you needed to order a second wave for unexpected shortages.

Since bulk t-shirts printing comes at a very affordable practice, any potential clothing entrepreneurs should consider approaching a supplier like R&P Prints to help launch their business for an affordable rate. The benefit of bulk t-shirts printing is the speed at which it can be accomplished, so if you wish to capitalize on a trend that’s time sensitive, bulk t-shirts printing using the screen printing process will help you capitalize on the moment and turn a greater profit as a result.

Bulk t-shirts printing can be used for a variety of means, but the important lesson to take home is that more is better than less, and that speed is the essence. R&P Prints specializes in bulk t-shirts printing for almost any situation, and we even offer in-house graphics work to help make your vision a wearable reality. Contact us today to get a free quote.