Achieving the Best Possible Quality When Printing on Polyester

Polyester is a difficult fabric to print on. If the printing isn’t done properly, the colour and print on the fabric will either fade, change or completely fall off. Without using proper techniques that ensure your ink will stay and last through use and washes, your ink will undoubtedly come off sooner than you think. There are many screen printing companies that you can go to to get customizable polyester clothing, but not all of them do it properly. At R&P Prints, we understand how important our products are to our clients, and we offer only the best quality of printing on our polyester clothing.

By using the best ink and latest printing techniques, we can ensure that our products will last a long time, through all types of wear and tear circumstances. Our customizable printing on polyester products may take a little bit more time than other fabrics, such as cotton, but this is only because we want to ensure that your images and prints will stay on for a long time. When achieving the best possible quality on polyester clothing, there are two techniques which can achieve this.

The first polyester printing technique uses a product called one-stoke white ink. This ink is used as a base before any other print goes onto the fabric. It prevents any movement of the ink print that goes on top of the one-stoke white ink, helping ensure that your print on your polyester fabric will not come off. To put it in perspective, think of when you are painting a wall. You put a base coat down first so your main coat will last longer, and this is exactly what one-stoke white ink does!

The second technique that is used on polyester fabric to ensure long lasting and quality print is a grey ink underbase. When using a grey ink underbase, it is best used on dry-fit products, like work out clothing or sports jerseys. This grey underbase ensures that your main print will stay on for a long period of time, as well maintaining your fabrics print looking like it is brand new. Both the one-stoke white ink and the grey underbase ensure a long lasting and quality product when printing on a difficult fabric, such as polyester.

At R&P Prints, we can assure you that all the products we provide our clients with are made with the highest quality of printing, especially on fabrics like polyester. We use the most updated technology and long lasting printing ink on all of our polyester products, such as: sports jerseys, shirts, shorts, sweaters and more. If you would like to learn more about what we do at R&P Prints and what other printing services we can provide for you, visit our website,, or call us at at 647-347-2643. You can bring us any design that you want to put on a piece of clothing, or we can help you design your own logos. We have an amazing and creative customer service team that will help you achieve your desired outcome on our products.