What You Should Know About Screen Printing

Screen printing is a widely used technique to design t-shirts, hats and other types of garments. It entails passing of a printing ink through a webbed surface or fabric. A squeegee and special stencil are used to transfer the colors into the fabric as per the design required. Usually, the colours are transferred to stencil portions that are unblocked.
Let us look at some of the core benefits of using screen printing to make custom garments and advertising materials.


Printing large number of t-shirts can be a time-consuming and tedious task if you apply the conventional methods. Screen printing helps to solve this problem by enabling designers to use the same panels over and again without having to design the panels repeatedly. Manufacturers can break even faster as compared to other sophisticated printing methods. Advancement in technology has led to the development of photosensitive masks that makes it possible to come up with different types of screens fast.

Ideal for Large Designs

Printing large designs can be a daunting task if you do not know how to do it right. This method will help you to come up with creative and resource designs on large pieces of garment without spending a fortune. More importantly, you can come up with large counterparts of the original design without compromising the clarity of the images and text.

Quicker Process

There is a need to manage time well to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. This method of printing designs on garments has proven to be quicker as compared to other methods. The only requisites that you need are screen panels, stencil, and printing ink. The colours dry up very fast hence you can start your business and starting showing your work to prospective customers in less than a week or so.

Robust and sturdy Prints

Most of the conventional prints that you see on garments are prone to fading. Research studies show that screen prints are sturdy and tougher even when exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme outdoor temperatures during the summer. By choosing screen printing, you can rest assured that the colors will last for decades without becoming dull.


In the current harsh economic environment, companies involved in printing need to come up with ways of reducing their operating costs and increasing profit margins. Luckily, screen printing can be used to come up with excellent prints on a wide variety of things such as garments, fabrics, and clothes. In addition, it can be used to printing top-notch product labels on circuit boards, banners, as well as balloons for various occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.


This is perhaps one of the supreme benefits of using screen printing to print t-shirts. The size of an image or design can be scaled downwards or upwards if need arises without a significant increase in operating cost. For instance, a graphic or business logo can be scaled up to cover the entire front section of a shirt or just a small area such as over a pocket.

Screen printing is indeed one of the best ways of incorporating great designs of garments and advertising materials. It is affordable and economical on time as compared to other processes that are complex and involving.