Using t-shirts as a promotion and marketing tool.

We usually don’t pay that much attention, but printed t-shirts are always in our face. If you think about it, there’s always someone wearing a t-shirt with something printed: a corporate logo, a unique message, even an evocative image. The truth is, t-shirts never fail to capture attention – even if it’s only momentary. And whether it’s short-term or long term, there is great power in the messaging. The screen-printed t-shirt does the job, and it has proven to be a viable promotion and marketing tool time and time again.

Custom printed t-shirts are both powerful and affordable. In terms of marketing, not every campaign has to be momentous, and although traditional advertising and commercials are highly effective, they are also expensive, and unaffordable for most. At the same time, there is much to say about the simpler, more direct avenues for messaging – like custom printed t-shirts. Today, apart from the giants like Nike and Coke, even the smallest entrepreneur can create and produce an effective and affordable t-shirt campaign.

Printed t-shirts are essentially “walking advertisements”. And while a t-shirt message does not necessarily motivate a spontaneous purchase, the awareness and brand identity does a job of its own. And this is where creativity comes into play. Coming up with a design idea that captures a brand and a message is key – and it’s worth all the time and effort. The basics are fundamental: the messaging must be catchy, memorable and effectual – and the message must be appealing enough for someone to wear it and for someone to read it.

Beyond creativity, the production of the t-shirt is critical. This will include the quality of the t-shirt and the quality of the custom printing – both should be top-quality, and nothing short. Quality matters. Quality screen-printing looks sharp and does not wash out. And a quality t-shirt looks great, wears well, and makes a good impression. To ensure this kind of quality, its best to contract an experienced screen-printing company with industry expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. This is a formula for guaranteed results.

R&P Prints is an industry leader when it comes to custom printed t-shirts. It’s a source for quality apparel that is printed with quality inks and produced with cutting-edge equipment. The result: promotional apparel that proudly represents your company. Making use of both manual and automatic equipment, R&P Prints specializes in custom screen-printed t-shirts, and a wide range of clothing and apparel. Our people bring years of industry experience to every project, and are always focused on quality work.

Whether it’s a dozen t-shirts for a chess club, or 5,000 t-shirts for an annual walk-a-thon, the team at R&P Prints works with each customer step-by step, meeting deadlines and ensuring that budgets are accommodated. Customer service is unequalled: free sales consultations for new customers; live online chat with experienced representatives; and the very best prices in Canada. We have extended business hours for those tight deadlines; our graphic designers are onsite; and we can deliver fast turn around on even the most deadline driven projects.

Best of all, R&P Prints guarantees great print results every time.