Screen Printed Uniforms & Their Benefits

We know that more and more companies are looking to get screen printed uniforms as a way to unify their employees. Is your company looking, too? At R&P Prints, we can help you identify the benefits of obtaining printed uniforms from our experiences. One of our clients, a growing distribution company, decided to obtain printed uniforms from R&P Prints; the positive impacts of this decision to this company’s progress were significant.

A Creative Solution

The leaders of the growing company were trying to find a new way to increase team spirit amongst their employees. The company decided to create a new logo and printed uniforms for everyone to wear during one of the company outings. They chose one of our best materials for their printed uniforms, based on American Apparel shirts. This ensured that their printed uniforms were comfortable, easily washed, and durable. The employees also loved that the new uniforms were from a top clothing brand. During the company outing, the screen printed uniforms introduced a feeling of solidarity and united all of the divisions; the shirts were worn with a sense of pride.

Even after the gathering, due to its comfort and intriguing design, many employees decided to continue wearing their screen printed uniforms in and outside of work. The printed uniforms’ popularity amongst employees led the owner of the company to order another batch of shirts with a different design. The new printed uniforms became another hit amongst the employees, particularly due to its unique design. After a careful consideration, the leaders of the company thought that it would be a great idea to launch a design competition for the printed uniforms. The design had to be related to the company’s values or a current world events that the company would like to embrace. The winning design would be distributed to employees as well as to regular customers and family members.

An Astounding Result

The design competition for the printed uniforms became an ice breaker and source of excitement and pride for the employees. It allowed them to be creative, to explore others’ interests outside of work, and to recognize the company values that they related to the most. The employees also found that the printed uniforms brought a renewed sense of solidarity and collaboration. The employees were also given the opportunity to be completely creative, which they very much enjoyed.

Additionally, the printed uniforms did more than just improving the company internally. The uniforms that were distributed to regular customers and family members attracted attention with its unique designs, and made them seem like a well organized company that supports its employees. One of the best results was that other brands and companies actually started to endorse the company, as they also related to the features that were conveyed by the printed uniforms.

Profoundly, the printed uniforms became a means for the distribution company to improve collaboration, creativity, and solidarity amongst their employee. It also became a symbolic marketing tool overtime. To ensure the effectiveness of screen printed uniforms in your business are reached, you have to ensure that the quality and the design are excellent so that you employees can wear it proudly. The design of the printed uniforms should also relate to your company’s values and give positive images to market your products. We at R&P Prints would love to meet with you to produce the best suited printed uniforms for your company. Feel free to give us a call anytime at 1-877-646-5111 to create excellent designs for your company, and see what printed uniforms can do for your company!