Screen Printed T-Shirts Create Revenue

Here’s the true story about how one small business brought in six figures of revenue as a direct result of ordering some company branded custom screen printed t-shirts from R&P Prints.

Humble Beginnings

The owner of a local startup company in Toronto decided to order 2 dozen custom branded t-shirts to promote his business. Some of them were passed out to friends, and for the remaining t-shirts he turned to Facebook and created a post offering them for free to anyone who would wear them. They were all gone within hours.

Recognizing the demand for his shirts, he printed up some more and put together an email list of people who were interested in receiving them. He started sending out these shirts with personalized notes thanking the people for wearing them and helping to promote his business. This also enabled him to get people’s physical addresses that could be used for future promotions or t-shirt giveaways.

When people received the shirts, they were so excited that they thanked him on Facebook, which in turn created more publicity. These people started wearing the screen printed t-shirts around town, and by doing so helped to further promote and bring awareness of the company.

As people began to know the company name, he made a much larger order of multiple colors, which were freely distributed to anyone who wanted them. Eventually his shirts were seen everywhere. Hundreds of people were supporting his brand by wearing the screen printed t-shirts around the city, which helped the company gain even more public awareness.

Then he decided to have his employees wear the t shirts to work.  When they go to lunch together, they’re viewed as a team and people take notice. People are curious and want to know who they are, so they ask about the name on the t-shirt. This creates great publicity and name recognition opportunities.

Now he creates new designs every few months to keeps things fresh. The subscribers of his email list look forward to receiving and wearing the newest designs, which keeps the company name out there in the public eye.

Now for the amazing part!

In addition to publicity, these promotional custom t-shirts helped the company bring in six figures in revenue! Here’s how….

The CEO and sales staff wore the t-shirts everywhere, which often helped to strike up business conversations. Curious people would ask, “What is that company?”, which would open up opportunities to give a brief pitch and provide a business card to anyone who was interested in their services. This happened very often and in many places. In elevators, at the gym, at pubs, etc. A big percentage of revenue was acquired through these spontaneous conversations and continues to bring in a lot of business from referrals and word-of-mouth.

The CEO has commented that “often new prospective clients are comfortable and trusting of our services because they saw our name on t-shirts around town”.

Clearly, creating and distributing custom screen printed t-shirts made a huge impact for this company. How can you use the marketing power of custom screen printed t-shirts to promote your business? Here are a few tips if you decide to have a go at growing your business with the help of customized promotional t-shirts.

  • Go with the best quality, such as the American Apparel, Gildan, and Jerico t-shirts that we offer at R&P Prints. People will wear your t-shirts if they’re comfortable and look good. This means more publicity for your business and represents quality.
  • Keep your design simple and appealing. You can feature your logo on the front and a simple message or catchy phrase on the back…that’s all you need!
  • Get your team to wear them everywhere to help promote your brand.

Curious people will ask about your t-shirt, and that’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about your company. Those people might even be willing to wear one, so keep some of your extras around in the car or the office. This could lead to more business and publicity down the road.

This story is only one example of how a company can grow their brand recognition through promotional t-shirts. If you want to launch your own t-shirt program, give us a call to create a custom screen printed t-shirt design that will have people all across town talking about your business!