Promotional T-shirts can be a marvelous marketing tool!

To prove this statement, think of how often you see people wearing t-shirts with a company logo or image. Better yet, think of how often you have seen something on a t-shirt for the first time, like an eye-catching graphic or amusing text, but somehow still seem to remember it. That’s the power that R&P Prints puts into your hands by simplifying the process for you to create your own custom screen printed promotional t-shirts.

Below you will find some helpful tips for creating t-shirts that will make a lasting impression.

T-shirt design

Coming up with a design will likely be the most time consuming part of the process, and for good reason. This is what you want everyone to be looking at, and it’s important for it to be catchy and effective, while still representing your brand identity. It will need to make a statement to those viewing it, but also appealing enough for people to want to wear it, if you’re distributing the shirts to individuals other than employees and staff. When working on your design, keep in mind the message that you want to get across and aim to present it in a way that is unique and memorable.

T-shirt quality

After investing so much time on creating a creative and original design, you’re not going to want to screen print it on a low quality t shirt that will look lousy and people won’t want to wear. Remember that the quality of the garment also plays a part in the impression you are striving to make, so choose a great quality shirt that looks nice, people will want to wear, and will make a great impression. A high quality shirt will also last longer, giving you the most out of this form of promotional tool.

When selecting a t-shirt consider a popular, good quality brand that has a soft fabric and appealing style, such as our Jerico or American Apparel t-shirts. If it is a comfy t-shirt that you would want to wear, then others will likely want to wear it as well.

T-shirt variety

If the majority of your promotional t-shirts will be distributed amongst your employees, then consider printing your design on different colored t-shirts. Eventually if the t-shirts are being worn often, attracting attention, and proving to be effective in promoting your brand, then you can also print your design on different styles of short sleeve, long sleeve, or v-neck t-shirts. Based on the success of this design, it may be time to put your creativity to work again and come up with new, fresh designs to launch.

Choose an experienced screen printing company

Screen printing needs to be done properly, or the end result will be a messy looking product and lots of wasted inventory.

R&P Prints have perfected the process, resulting in great looking finished products delivered on time and on budget. We use top quality materials and equipment to create professional promotional items that you can be proud to distribute and represent your company or event with.

Consider the season… are t-shirts always the best choice?

Although T-shirts are an affordable and popular promotional item for screen printing, people may not wear them as much in the colder seasons, or if they do wear them they will likely be covered underneath sweaters and jackets. Having your promotional t-shirts out of sight defeats the purpose of spending valuable marketing dollars on them.

Other items such as hoodies or jackets may cost more per item, but it may be worth considering customizing fewer of this type of item during colder months, knowing that people will actually wear them, and in turn promote your brand to everyone wherever they go… and that’s the goal, right? In colder seasons, people will wear your promotional jackets or hats everywhere they go, and your logo or design will be seen all around town!

For more ideas or guidance through the process, give our team at R&P Prints a call. We’re always happy to help!