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The Future of Screen Printing

T­-shirts are an incredibly versatile item of clothing. They can make statements for
aesthetic or political purposes, they can be function as a wearable trophy as the result
of completing a gruelling test of physical and mental fortitude like a marathon, or they
can serve a basic utilitarian purpose of covering one’s torso. What unites almost every
t­shirt is how the various designs found on them were printed: screen printing. Called
the world’s most versatile printing process, screen printing is used to apply graphics to
an incredible amount of products found throughout our world. Continue reading

R&P Prints – unique in the industry!

Every company tends to boast about their great products and their great service. At R&P Prints, our focus is totally on the customer. Our dedicated team works with you from project start to finish, ensuring deadlines and accommodating budgets. The big difference is that we guarantee great print results every time, and we promise the best prices in Canada. R&P Prints has become one of Canada’s fastest growing screen-printing companies with a one-stop, full-service solution. Continue reading

Advantage of Screen Printing

There comes a time when you want to publicize items, organizations, and unique occasions or just pass a message. It might be difficult to do so because you have to find the most efficient way to ensure that you convey the intended message. You may be looking for a way that ensures that whatever you intend to convey will be affordable, unique and hard to forget. Continue reading

Custom T-Shirt Online Design

You are probably one of those people who like dressing and owning things that no other person owns. You like it when people describe a particular thing and connect it with you. Owning a custom t-shirt is a great way to express your uniqueness, and it helps bring out your personality. There are several benefits of the custom t-shirt online design. Some of these advantages include: Continue reading

Using t-shirts as a promotion and marketing tool.

We usually don’t pay that much attention, but printed t-shirts are always in our face. If you think about it, there’s always someone wearing a t-shirt with something printed: a corporate logo, a unique message, even an evocative image. The truth is, t-shirts never fail to capture attention – even if it’s only momentary. And whether it’s short-term or long term, there is great power in the messaging. The screen-printed t-shirt does the job, and it has proven to be a viable promotion and marketing tool time and time again. Continue reading

Premium custom apparel, Name brand clothing, Printed to order

At R&P Prints, everything is about quality: quality apparel, quality production, and quality service. We sell premium custom apparel, popular name brands, and a product line that ranges from active wear, to outerwear, to head-wear.  Our customers depend on us for quick turnaround, great print results, and a guarantee of satisfaction on every project.  Best of all, we work with our customers, step by step, making sure that deadlines are accommodated and everything stays on budget. Continue reading

Screen printing in Hamilton

Screen printing has changed dramatically over the years, and has become a whole new industry. Also known as silkscreen printing (or serigraphic printing), today’s advanced equipment, techniques, and technologies have changed everything.  And companies like R&P Prints are leading the way. For screen printing in Hamilton, R&P Prints is a name that’s become synonymous with quality: for products, production and service. Continue reading

Promotional T-shirts can be a marvelous marketing tool!

To prove this statement, think of how often you see people wearing t-shirts with a company logo or image. Better yet, think of how often you have seen something on a t-shirt for the first time, like an eye-catching graphic or amusing text, but somehow still seem to remember it. That’s the power that R&P Prints puts into your hands by simplifying the process for you to create your own custom screen printed promotional t-shirts.

Below you will find some helpful tips for creating t-shirts that will make a lasting impression. Continue reading

Wise Nuggets on How to Choose the Best Screen Printing Company

Screen printing is one of the most dynamic ways of printing designs on t-shirts, hats, and garments. Thousands of companies use it to print product reviews and advertisement materials such as banners. However, to get utmost results from this technique, you need to hire the best screen printing company.
Here are some wise nuggets to guide you in the selection process successfully. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Screen Printing

Screen printing is a widely used technique to design t-shirts, hats and other types of garments. It entails passing of a printing ink through a webbed surface or fabric. A squeegee and special stencil are used to transfer the colors into the fabric as per the design required. Usually, the colours are transferred to stencil portions that are unblocked.
Let us look at some of the core benefits of using screen printing to make custom garments and advertising materials. Continue reading